Silent girls, highly out bursting or impatient – similar to the behaviour and characteristics of girls, hair also shows distinct traits and characters. Each and every person’s hair has its own unique style and characteristics. Through this article I would like to briefly explain the care needed for each type of hair.

Maximum 3 minutes. It’s not possible for a busy working lady or school student to spend more than 3 minutes in the morning for hair care and combing. A few think it’s a crime to spend more than 5 minutes to make hair shine better! Only a few girls spent time to dry hair after bath and experiment with different hair styles. For those ladies attention who can’t give more than 3 minutes for your lovely hair a few useful tips. To make your hair neat and fresh in just 3 minutes, you need to take care of these three things only – Shampooing, Combing and Cropping. If you recognize the traits of your hair and treat it according to it, no need to feel more tensions about hair care – says hair experts.


Type 1 - Rough hair

The rough hair always remains dry and it is very difficult to maintain too. Hair of curly type, too difficult to handle can be included in rough hair. This hair remains straight and ok soon after bath. But it shows its actual colour a little time later. It’s a common faith that using excess oil helps to maintain this hair easily. But if oil remains in hair after bath, it catches dust of the atmosphere easily. Along it with, sweat attack may also adversely affect your hair resulting in fungal infection and dandruff. Rough and dry hair should be shampooed everyday with some mild shampoo. Never forget the fact that if scalp and skin remain clean, hair fall and dandruff problems won’t affect you. If you bath at night and dry it well, you can save your valuable time in the morning. Whenever you use shampoo, never forget to apply conditioner. Never apply conditioner directly on your scalp. Apply conditioner on your hair only. Use a comb with distant teeth to make conditioner spread throughout your hair. Then gently wash your hair. Once completely dried, you can apply hair gel to your hair. Hot oil massage once in a month and deep conditioning treatment once in two weeks can reduce the dryness of hair significantly.

Hair cut to suit your face cut

Hair style plays a significant role in making you stylish. Each hair style gives you a distinct look and if you have chosen a hair style that not fits your face, it may make you look worse. Choose a hair cut that suits your hair structure, thickness, shape of your face and chosen costumes and accessories. After you have done your hair cut, never forget to trim it after 5 weeks. The main problem with curly/dry hair people is that if hair is kept loose, it makes you look like a lion with mane spread out. A quick solution for such people; through hair treatment straighten your hair until the ears and retain the original afterwards.

Type 2 - Soft hair

This type of hair never has curls and it always remains straight. It’s as soft as cotton and perfect hair to do any hair cut experiment. You can choose any hair cut; it remains so with perfectness. Yet this type of hair is too thin and more changes are there for broken hair ends. So, never forget to use hair serum soon after shampoo wash. For using hair serum also, there is a good method to get effective results. Take 5 drops of serum in your hands and rub a flat brush in with it. Then comb your hair using this brush. No need to comb soft hair three or four times a day. Just you need to use your fingers once in a while.

Type 3 – Oily hair

Hair problems are most common in oily hair. If you are in tension or exposed to heat, your skin becomes oily. Hair close to scalp looks oily and appears stick together while hair tips may have split ends. If you don’t wash your hair regularly, you may face itching and irritation of your scalp and hair. This hair is prone to fungal attack and hence can use shampoo every day. While washing hair, use a hair scrubber to rub the scalp. Apply conditioner towards the lower end of hair only. Once your hair is dried if you feel that it’s rough and dry, apply serum. If head skin has fungal infection, once in 15 days, use a piece of cotton dipped in beer to clean your scalp.

Type 4 – Treated hair


Hair looks shiny and beautiful soon after expensive hair treatments like hair browning, re-bonding and straightening. But if not properly maintained, after 6 months you may feel like crying. A few hairs appear curly while the rest dry and shapeless. You can cover ugliness of this hair temporarily by following a few tips. Divide your hair into different sections and apply mousse. Mousse is a hair styling cosmetic product to make it straight, shine and appear stylish and increased volume. Another option is to use straightening spray to make your hair straight. You can also divide hair into different parts and iron it gently to make it straight.  Stand in front of mirror and using your index and middle finger, divide and take a few hairs. Iron it and repeat the same step for remaining hair also. Without anyone’s help you can do it alone. You can buy hair styling iron with starting price rupees 1000 onwards. Ceramic plated iron is the best choice to buy. If yours is treated hair, never forget to wash your hair twice a week with treatment shampoo. Apply hair mask or treatment conditioner also. Never apply the conditioner or mask on your skin membrane. Apply on your hair and wash it off after 10 minutes.

Tied hair or unlocked?


Old people ask new generation kids to plait hair and tie it. But new generation love to fly in the campus with hair worn loose. They prefer to get short hair cuts and keep them loose.  According to hair experts, loose hair is best for hair health. If hair remains loose, they move in accordance to body movement. Hence blood circulation in the areas near the scalp increases resulting in better hair growth. If hair is plaited, sweat vapours stay inside hair causing fungal infection, dandruff and hair fall. If you maintain your hair with daily shampoo and conditioner, hair worn loose is always the better choice.

How to comb your hair?

Soon after bath, scalp skin is too delicate and hence should never be combed too tight. Use comb with distant teeth to comb your hair soon after bath. If you give extra pressure to tangled hair, it may break easily soon after bath. If your hair is too dry, take extra care while combing. Use conditioner spray and make it soft before combing. Otherwise hair may break in the middle or tips.

While buying shampoo

Choose shampoo according to the type of your hair. Hair may change its traits according to climatic variations as well as hair treatments chosen. So, it’s always better to change shampoo at frequent intervals instead of using a particular brand for a long time. You can seek a hair expert’s opinion to choose a particular shampoo for your hair. For curly and dry hair, use shampoo of creamy or moisturized nature. Shampoo with contents, wheat germ oil, shea butter or nut oil are best for this type of hair.  For oily hair, as you need to shampoo daily, choose some mild one. Clear gentle shampoos are best for this type of hair. It’s commonly believed that if you allow shampoo to stay in your hair for a long period, it makes hair more soft, silky and clean. It’s not at all true. Never allow shampoo to stand in your hair more than 2 minutes. Wash it completely too.

Tips to note while using hair dryer


It’s not true that drying hair soon after bath results in hair fall. If you use hair dryer in normal temperature, it won’t create any problems. If you want to dry your hair quickly by applying excess heat, use protection cream or protection spray also. Divide hair into different parts and use hair drier. Hair dries quickly. Another important thing to note - never place mouth of the drier too near your hair. Keep one or two inch distance between your hair and dryer.

While dyeing your hair

To colour grey hair to black, choose light shades. Colours like light brown blend with grey hair easily. If you choose light colours, use colour saver shampoo. If you choose permanent colours, colour full hair once and colour newly growing hair near your scalp only later. The reason is – if colour reaches your hair repeatedly it may change its texture and make it rough. Closely watch the time written on the packet covers of hair dyes. Simply assuming that more time gives extra colour to hair is false. If chemicals used for dyeing hair stay long on your head it may damage your hair. After colouring, use only cold water to wash your hair. If you use hot water, it opens the pores of your scalp resulting in the absorption of more colour to your hair scalp and membrane.

A few hair care tips for you

Before I conclude, let me give a brief note on a few hair styling products that have most recently entered into the market of beauty products.
Hair scrubber: It acts as a hair massager when you apply shampoo to your hair. It’s more efficient that using our fingers. Its tooth made of rubber increases the blood circulation of your scalp.
Hair mousse: It looks similar to shaving foam and is mainly used to make appear your hair thicker than actual.
Hair serum: Used to give polishing effect to hair. It increases the shining of your hair and to get rid of its stickiness.
Hair mask: It makes your hair soft. Its applications look similar to that of hair conditioners and often mentioned as the new face of conditioners.
Morocco oil: It makes your hair appear strong. It temporarily suspends lose of keratin, the substance that gives strength to your hair.  

Through this article, I have given a brief description on how hair should be treated knowing its characteristics. Very soon I shall present another article on hair care describing normal hair problems and how it can be treated using Allopathic, Ayurveda and beauty treatment methods. 

Image source :Wikipedia

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