You know the situation, when you're working on something, but the results you are not satisfied or it does not get completed on time? 
I have such things happen often, and because of this some of the ideas and projects have remained on paper. 
What I describe below is likely will not open, the more that successful entrepreneurs have long used it all. But that's what helps me in my work when I have observed "decline" of activity. 
And if you ignore it, it is likely to remain like this "mark time", which is observed in the majority of Internet users who started the business on the Internet. 
Method # 1. Bring to an end what we began. 
Very often among its partners I see the following picture. Appears in a network project. Member, crimson with new ideas, start working on it hard. 
It takes several weeks and not seeing the result which was expected, a man disappointed. Time passes and he finds a new activity or project, he still spends a month or two, and again, do not wait for the results, goes to something new, or even leaves the Internet business with the idea that it's not working, and Internet only earn one. 
It is not correct. 
If you count the time spent on the "undertakings" that are not it be easier to spend all this time on one project, but to carry it through, and only then take up a new one. 
I have set for ourselves and now occupy only a project "The Russian Million", which is already producing good results. And only when all the major work on this project will be completed, I will continue working on other projects. 
Let me give an example. My friend a year ago began to study the Forex, and worked all this time only in this direction. Now he has good results and it has already opened a real account, while I was still such results are not achieved due to the fact that I do not constantly Forex. 
Which of this conclusion? Patience and constant purposeful actions necessarily lead to the result. 
Method # 2. Put into practice what learned from any training material. 
Quite a common mistake many users - buy one teaching material, study it ... and it all ends. That is further studying the matter does not go. 
Then there is some new product, people buy it. Reading, watching, listening, etc. He likes, but again the reality is, as mentioned in this material, the user in practice. 
And then, if they start to do something, then do, forgetting what they learned this or that author. 
Why is this happening? It is not clear. Perhaps they themselves want to try out all their mistakes. 
But why, if the authors of course have their mistakes deduced the correct formulas, and we only need - to follow their recommendations. 
No wonder they say: "Smart is learning from others' mistakes, and stupid - for their". 
So my advice to you: stop buying anything new until they learn and put into practice all that is contained in one, but good teaching materials which you have. 
Believe me, to get started, you will be enough. After all, if you will just buy and read, the more you do not advance the theory. And why do you need? 
In the study material must fix in a separate file or notebook their thoughts, conclusions, etc. 
Then, when you will need to refer to this material, you can see basically what you remember, or what you had was not clear on what you noticed. 
Method # 3. Plan your actions and try to stick to the plan. 
In any case always need a plan of action. Better once to make it than to constantly remember that you wanted to do. 
In addition, when planning new ideas typically appear to be immediately fixed. 
In this regard, would like to advise, always carry a notebook, so that at any moment you could write any idea emerged. Well, if you have a tape recorder or cell phone with this function, which is usually always at hand. 
When planning to make a list as priority tasks and those that must be done in the future. I understand the paramount under those tasks that will bring you to the best conclusion of the work you are doing now. 
This means that you currently need to do just that will help solve a particular problem. The rest can wait for later. 
For example, if you make a website, then you need to work on it every day. Let it be 1-2 hours, but work each day you complete the job faster than if you put off until tomorrow, working now on something else. 
Method # 4. Efficiently use their time. 
Very often during the work to be distracted by other things. This may be a desire to see something on the computer, check your email, your family can go if you work at home or at work to distract your employees. 
And if in the latter case on you do not depend on, then the rest you need to clearly define what you will do for some time. 
If you, for example, sat down to write the article, then take a few hours, only this and not be distracted by other matters, otherwise the process could take a long time. Thus, with a paper for 2-3 hours a day, you can write in 2-3 days. 
Someone may do it in an hour. It all depends on human abilities. I cited his statistics. 
For example, for me, a frequent distraction is e-mail and the Internet. So, if I'm on something work, I just do not run Outlook and turn off the Internet (or put on music downloading). And only after 3-4 hours of work, I check email and work it. 
In general, plan for what, at what time and how much time you work on a specific matter, and only by doing it, and rested a bit, hold any other. 
Of course, all these methods may seem obvious, but in practice turns on the contrary, and as a result often fails to complete the job.
Therefore, in order to minimize such situations try to develop a discipline and stick to plans, and then you will succeed. 
Good luck

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