Now days Health Insurance is very necessary.

Because due to changes in life style and busy schedule and heavy Traffic people are either suffering from different diseases, Due to pressure at work place people are suffering from Heart Attack, Blood Pressure.

and due to traffic people are facing so many accidents which injures them.

And when a common going to medical for his/her treatment then it will cost him very much.

some time they  are not able to manage that amount so either they have to stop there treatment or they transfer them selves to Government Hospitals.,

Everybody needs a good health and everybody expect a good Hospicare so that they can cure soon.

Thats why most of the people prefer Private Hositals .

And it is not so easy  to get admited there due to so much f costing.

Thats why everybody needs a Health Insurance.

The concept of Health Insurance:

Insured person pay a small amount for whole year some policies are there which covering whole family under ne policy.

Then when ever they suffer from any disease and get hospitalized then that Insurance company will take there responsibility to pay the amount ( which was specified in policy) not whole amount.

SOme Insurance companies are also paying cash less transaction that means Patient do not have to give any deposit in hospital when he/she get admited in to hospitals and some companies are there who are reimbursement the amount after treatment.

So please friends Have a health Insurance Plan Soon.

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