Suppose, you are managing a small office home office (SoHo). You want to take a web presence. You always want to increase web presence through web appearances. Some want to take a personal website. Some wish to include the web address on visiting cards. Students like to include a personal website in their curriculum vitae. Big organization wants to have a web presence for electronic commerce. They want to showcase their presence offline and online communication mediums. In last five to six years, concept of blogging becomes popular. It is implemented in a single dynamic page and their circulations are reserved for search engine optimizations. Blogging gives freedom to be used in creating HTML websites from pre-configured HTML templates. A person without knowledge of web technology can create and construct posts for blogs. A web page is dynamic and it is better for search engine optimization and it is suitable for all forms of mass communications and earning potentials. A web page can be personalized with specific name of individuals inside the web world by giving access to millions who browse and land through different search engines. Scope of professional website is far-reaching. This write-up aims at understanding all these techniques in making a superb site. After making a website, upload it to server and connect to content management setting. 

Choosing a right domain name is a must for developing a brilliant web presence: 

Check cross-browser compatibility of website to ensure visitors feel at home when they browse with their favorite browser. Website creation starts with web designing, HTML, JavaScript and PHP. One needs to be properly versed with domain management system, database management system (DBMS), CMS and pinned websites. Purchase is a domain and host through online transactions and internet banking. It is best to buy a domain for three or more years and buy hosting for two years. Afterwards, you can update all these buying after watching behaviors of domain registrars. It is good to learn from popular websites. In getting website online, one has to buy a domain and a suitable host. Choosing a right domain name is must for developing a brilliant web presence. 

1. Domain should be your name if it is all your personal website.

2. Domain should be name of your business if it is all your business website.

3. Domain should be unique like Google, Yahoo

4. Domain should be short and easy to remember. 

5. Domain should not be misspelled. 

Protect domain names from similar me-too domains:

Registering with a dotcom (. Com) domain can fetch good search engine optimization (SEO) values. First preferences of visitors to type dot com (. Com) extension on the address bar of the web browsers. Search operators are Google, Yahoo and so on. They index all available websites periodically and just want to relocate in accordance with page ranks and relevant contents. In the initial phase of website, SEO and page ranks matter the most. Popular websites have their loyal visitors and they are not affected upon search operators. These domain extensions generate faith within visitor’s minds of visitors. It gives them the opportunity to accede to online financial business transactions. Domain names are valuable and time urgency should compel you to quickly list two or three domain names before reaching decisions to a single domain name. It is the intimate address of your personal website. In case of e-commerce site it is business portals for online consumers. 

Protect domain names from similar me-too domains. As soon as a website becomes popular, many me-too website steps in and run malicious campaigns to generate confusion among local customers. It is best to purchase domain names which are sounding similar to yours to malicious campaigners exploiting domain name vulnerabilities through me-too websites. It will stop unscrupulous punters in utilizing underhand tactics in luring your customers away from website. The next step needs to get to search for suitable domain registrars. Many hosting companies offer domain and hosting at competitive prices. Think wisely before accepting such offers as and when you shift to other registrars, the present registrar might make a series of bottlenecks for you in transferring domain names. Purchase domain and host from two different registrars at the start to watch behavior of hosting providers. There are some domain registrars unwillingly to open administrative account when you are supposing they leave them behind. 

Apply caution while purchasing a domain from domain registrars of India. There are historical instances of the wrongdoings of some registrars of redirecting a domain to their own domain and blackmailing for lump sum price to restore it back. Buying domain from reputed domain registrars will assure and insure your domain. Make a thorough research on domain registrar’s company and discuss pros and cons with a relationship manager of web hosting company. Examine privacy and security option, of domain and check whether it provides full administrative control hosting server. If you observe an abrupt ending of governmental control on the lines of security reasons or technical issues, then it is a clear sign of bad hosting company. Investigate all about this before purchasing a domain from a domain registrar.

The elements which will determine the choice of your web host are: 

1. Type of site: personal or e-commerce sites?

2. The kind of database is a need.

3. The kind of special software required: Charts, bulletin boards, email management, shopping carts, plagiarism checker, visitor counters

4. Check out server side technology: Windows or Linux website hosting package.

5. Script driven website or dynamically-generated websites.

6. Check legal issues 

7. It be better to use an online pre-configured site builder or offline standalone web editor?

8. What are scripts do you need to know to set up a website?

9. What is your budget? 

10. Do you wish to design and make the site all by yourself? 

11. What are all your technological capabilities as a web developer? 

12. You get checked your host’s reputation? 

13. How much content do you have? Once your site is up, it is a better idea to refresh it with fresh content every day or five times a week. 

14. Do you know how to set up Google Analytics?

15. What will be contented with your website: blog post, articles, tutorials, podcast, forum or video blog? 

16. Does the hosting provider give you ample space for future expansion? 

17. Check reliability of hosting company and speed of access to governmental accounts.

18. For a vibrant content, you will need PHP or Perl script hosting services. Speak your hosting provider is providing these scripts free of cost or will charge additional sum of money?

19. Does host provider limit site’s uptime in order to curve flow of visitors? 

Inadequate bandwidth leads to server downtime when it is trumped by visitors beyond a certain number of times per day. 

21. Watch out for unlimited disc space schemes of hosting provider. Watch out of hidden costs behind it and investigate about whether unlimited disc space is real or a myth. 

22. Watch out for mechanical support (customer relationship manager) of hosting provider. Watch out for technological proficiency of the client relationship manager. 

23. Check out the price factor and realize what you get must be equivalent to what you pay for.

24. There are many reviews and experiences by other bloggers and web masters about your host. Check out those suggestions and attempt to contact those persons who are critical view for your web host. 

25. Finally, you will probably reach a trade-off between price, reliability and functions of a reliable web host.

It is important in order to examine how good is the customer service department of hosting service is? 

These are all elements which will help you to build a nice website with a decent cost. Here, is one such example though it is out of context which describes correctly about client relationship managers who have less knowledge than us. Recently, I bought Samsung laptop replacement which has Windows 8 operating systems. Samsung has the habit of installing its own versions of the software and most of them are bloatwares and eat chunks of RAM and delays boot-loading time. It has a software explorer, which when connected to internet, gives a list of newly updated software. Last month, “S Service”, new software from Samsung installed on computer. After installation, it wiped out Wi-Fi connectivity and disables “network and sharing-center”. Then, all of a sudden, Windows 8 says, it requires re-activation. This software interfered with critical system settings of Windows 8. 

Website owners are customers for consumers who visit website for the collection of information or for making critical buying decisions. Uptime of website during peak hours is significant. For a suitable web hosting company of widespread reputation and recognition, it is essential to provide customers significant uptime during peak hours. In West, there are strict cyber laws and implementation mechanisms creating disciplines among ranks of web hosting companies. Many web hosting companies of India are not afraid of native cyber laws. India has stronger cyber laws, but law enforcement agencies are yet to be efficient in implementation front. Only Mumbai cyber branch is inexpensive enough for catching out some cyber criminals. Most of them are hiding under lack of technical knowledge of law enforcement agencies. This enables cropping up many fraudulent web hosting companies which are indulging in lackluster practices of blackmailing web masters and earnings and some money from their web presence. Beware of such deceitful hosting and domain registrars, and it is a bright idea to expose their black deed by writing an elaborate article on their exploitation and booked them to law. 

Shared hosting: 

Shared hosting means your entire administrative account, email server, software and settings are allowed on a server with other’s account. Many webmasters opt for shared hosting. Web sites are allowed on hard disc space for a remote computer. When a single site is housed on a single server, it is called dedicated hosting. When multiple sites are housed on a single computer on a shared basis it is called as shared hosting. Naturally, cost of shared hosting is lesser than cost on dedicated hosting. Numerous webmasters go for shared hosting to reduce hosting costs. With a fraction of cost, one could build a complete website, data base management system and content management system. Now, it is often the case among many hosting providers to provide online site-builder tools and scripts to start website within minutes. In the past, setting up a website demands huge technical skills and connecting with website to data base management and setting up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) needs huge technical brilliance. Now, it is all available for most of hosting providers with an easy install option for customers from clerical segment of hosting provider.

There is cutthroat competition in shared hosting space. Many hosting providers are trying hard to create a niche for them through numerous giveaways offers to lure potential webmasters. Do not get overawed and over excited by these advertisements from hosting providers. Suppose, you are installing website with PHP script, which is heavier on resources and every hosting providers have limitation for maximum resource utilization. It will automatically disable various features when it crosses threshold limits of processor. Go to reseller’s website and reach to the link which provides demo settings for hosting. From there, find out which script you will be using for website. If you are going to PHP or Perl script-based website, then you have very little space for other features. Do not go by advertisements of hosting providers which boast of saying providing more features than competitors. It works in accordance with weight of website and amount of traffic loads during peak hours. Many hosting providers are offering unlimited space to webmasters. All these are myths and does not relate to server’s uptime during peak-hours. There is no guarantee that a site will be freely accessible during peak traffic-loads. 

Google is giving importance to quality contents instead of number of visitors: 

Sites of low to medium traffic can opt for shared hosting. Many reliable hosting providers provide a suitable amount of server’s resource for the comparatively large proportion of traffic loads. By the time, one reach to half of traffic loads one will be harnessing idea of shifting to dedicate hosting. It is still wise to choose a good hosting company and estimate amount of potential traffic of the future so as to expand the scope of website further. Of late, some Indian registers begin to provide faithful offerings and they are slowly been recognized nicely by webmasters. This has been accomplished due to the advent of large enterprises into hosting business. Few years back, Microsoft India has to stop their Indian website due to large scale hacking by hackers and personal details of any user’s account has been compromised. In this way, the reputation of India comes a deeper cropping and it is essential for existing hosting providers to reach towards imbibing faithful attributes within webmasters. Many shared content writing websites are also not paying to Indian writers due to nature of cheating associated with content writers. It is hugely difficult for Indian writers to be employed as technical writers in reputed companies. All these are due to the worst work by some bad hosting providers as well as some writers who wants a shortcut to success. Similarly, it is always difficult for Indian blogger to get an approved Adsense account.

In a straight move, Google stopped many such account holders and banned for life. But, there are repercussions to this as Google is now giving lesser Ad sense approved account and registration process is becoming stubborn. All these past incidents are paving the way for difficulties to modern web masters and they are finding extremely difficult to sustain among cut throat competitors. Content is king and visitors are Lord. It is for web masters to create smarter content to lure visitors. Visitors can make this viral and more and more will soon land to website in order to find suitable knowledge. Many Web sites are hosting most spaces with plenty of advertisement and write small articles which are of no worth. In this way, they are wasting time and space for work. If there is no content, visitors will not return to the site and this will decrease income potential of site. It is a myth that once a visitor is lost with it goes away many such potential visitors. Alternatively, with your good writing skill and artifacts if there are more visitors are retained; it can convert it into multiple unique hits. Always, remember visitors earn money as Adsense advertisement gives money for unique visitors. Other advertisements provide money for unique hits. This goes on to show. Google is giving importance to quality contents instead of the number of visitors. 

How to find out all potential issues that affect your website? 

Dedicated servers are costly and they provide real unlimited hosting. It is good for website which has sensitive information and wants to care for privacy concerns of consumers. It is good for sites which have numerous organic traffic loads. It carries all traffic carefully and stays uptime in peak traffic loads. Since, there is no other website in the server; website can utilize fully resources without worrying about server‘s down time. There will be no website performance issues. When, your website becomes super website with rich traffic beyond imagination, still then you could think of shifting to dedicate hosting. In this case, as a web entrepreneur, one needs to shop carefully to hire and upgrade hosting provider. Some hosting provider will provide only bare bones of server such as an operating system. It is better to go for Windows hosting which can be fast and in accordance with the latest developments occurring around the world. It is supported by software giant Microsoft and it updates its server version and releases cumulative security updates from time to time. On the other hand, Linux server is crowd based servers and many times for months on vulnerabilities are left unmatched. Scripts such as Wordpress, PHP are easy to install on a Windows server. If you opt for a skeleton version of hosting then you will need to procure and install additional software and database. Before deciding everything one has to carefully observe cost factors as well as other additional expenditures while assessing complete cost-expenditure ratio.

There are many hosting providers that are providing bundle software offers which consist of shopping cart software, charts, bulletin board, email server, calendars, flash and video supports and support for voice over internet protocols (VoIP). With the increasing experience of web masters more and more opportunities comes forward with the considerations of buying a newer web hosting. The start-up stage webmaster only has to consider limited hosting or free hosting and slowly moves to unlimited shared hosting. After that, webmasters across to the stage where he slowly becomes an entrepreneur in webmaster arena and due to heavy traffic load he has to consider shifting to dedicate server. When one invests in dedicated hosting one gets administrator and root access. With administrator access one can modify and configure a different software program. It allows installing programs. One should not have to depend upon preconceived software installed by hosting provider. Root access allows you to access and monitor resource usage. It allows you to detect the crux of a server problem and modify the configuration to lighten the load on server resources. In this way, all potential issues that affect your website are identified. 

Top benefits of using dedicated servers are: 

Customers of dedicated hosting have priorities technical support from hosting providers. Trained technical professionals are always available to help you in constructing website, changing server setting and perform associate functions to keep website up and running within minutes. Dedicated hosting provides room for safer storage. When you think of keeping your own server in your business environment, there are few issues which obstruct to run in privately. Individuals and mid-sized business owners do not have enough space to store dedicated servers. Dedicated servers need non-moisture environment and air-conditioned environment throughout the year. It also comes with huge electricity bills. For this many business owners are now opting for third party dedicated hosting where they will not be storing servers all by their own. These posting are done by a remote third party hosting providers and they provide dedicated server to business owners. It gives them a safe storage place. Due to single space storage mediums, full space and resources are utilized properly by websites. The hosting company secures the server from extreme environmental hazards. Instead of hosting server all by their own, this makes dedicated hosting a serious investment.

1. It makes a good option for those who have resource-intensive website. 

2. It is good for those sites which generate a lot of traffic. 

3. Dedicated servers add reliability. 

4. One does not have to share one’s server with anyone else. 

5. You will also have total control over server’s resources. 

6. Dedicated server increases server’s uptime.

7. When you invest with dedicated server hosting, you get administrator access. 

8. Advance technical support 

9. Safe storage space

10. Consider purchasing dedicated hosting services from a reliable website hosting company.

11. Clients have more access, freedom and control to dedicate servers. 

How to choose a web host? 

Choosing a web host is the single most important factor and one needs to choose a good host carefully considering all aspects of website development. If your website has a lot of flash and streaming contents, it is better to invest in dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting, power to control resources is completely with you. You can install additional software and can watch closely on distribution of resources. Dedicated hosting is best for websites that have huge traffic load. It does not have to face downtime as full resources of a single server run website efficiently without being affected with lack of resources and insufficient disc storage spaces. Dedicated hosting optimizes server usage by distributing available resources, disc storages within specified parameters of bandwidth allotment. Determine technical requirements of your site and then search for available flexible offerings from web hosting companies. Each web host has different amount of offerings and adds on features. Investigate and compare their offerings as some web host tends to provide additional features with the same pricing.It gives more control to you that can be beneficial in running high traffic load website.  Some web-hosts provide spam control, control panel, scripts and flash support for free.

Features like spam control is important as and when your website becomes hugely popular, more and more people floods into your page as well as some opponent’s tries hard to send spam of comments in order to make your page resource intensive and to cross bandwidth allotment. They use automated commenting software to send huge number of comments to your web site and this creates huge overload on the server. In those times, you can be compelled to buy a spam control package. So, it is always better to observe and watch out for futuristic add on which might have been a necessity for you in case such same situation happens to website. It is vital to have all these nice features along with you so as to make your website light and suited to different environmental conditions. Availability of scripts in the control panel of an administrator account can be handy if you want to start a blog with website to update different features of your websites regularly. It enables you to write on a variety of topics through single dynamic content. It is a singular way of content management system. To start a blog on Google’s blogspot one needs to have control over “DNS management” and if one wants to start fully dynamic blog then go for Wordpress script, which enables the user to install software within minutes. For this free availability of scripts are virtually a saver for you. 

Dedicated hosting vs. shared hosting: 

Dedicated server exhibits of spans for growth of website. One needs not to be worried so much about lack of space and hugging resources. It pans through entire resources and most of the time some resources are still not used in the fullest of capacity. It is always better to go for dedicated hosting where all data are preserved on a single computer without any such distraction and destruction. It is true, that dedicated hosting gives you a lot of flexibility and scope for future growth at the same time it comes with a huge price. Dedicated hosting is expensive and it is costlier than shared hosting. It is also true that, at the initial stages of website, you do not need as much benefits as it is suggested to be but if you want to succeed and want to have your website to be in the limelight in the years to come, then dedicated hosting is the proper hosting for you. In the first instance, you need to make some sacrifices, though later on all these sacrifices comes back at you in terms of financial and social growth. Critical web technology knowledge base is required in order to install on the server and manually connect data base management system (DBMS) for content management system (CMS). Any webmaster not self-sufficient with such practices will have to hire skilled professionals. This would incur additional costs to already expensive dedicated hosting solutions. It is better to go for shared hosting if webmaster does not possess a high degree of technical knowledge. Dedicated hosting, efficient web technology professional indeed a necessity to manage different problems related to servers from time to time so as to avoid impending server downtime. In simple words, webmasters should know how the budget works in a dedicated server. 

They should have calculated earning and spending ratio in fullest of manner in order to have a comprehensive analytical reasoning about incurring expenses over a dedicated server. Dedicated server makes website super fast and it also allows installing in different scripts on server to make web designing according to the latest internet standards. Some dedicated server hosting companies are allowing customers to hire technical professional with concessional prices. It is better to go with these schemes as and when website becomes troublesome. Still then you can contact service providers to offer services immediately. It is like an annual maintenance contract given by different companies. During those periods maintenance of the server is done periodically by hosting company, thus reducing lagging time of server and other difficulties. In short dedicated hosting gives you entire freedom to do everything on your server without any hesitation. But it all comes at prices and for this it is essential to understand amount of revenue generated from website. It is wise to determine particular skill level, needs, budget and scope of your website and compare it with different parameters and if all these parameters comes in equilibrium with needs then you can go for dedicated hosting otherwise it is better to go with shared hosting for some time so that it gives you additional time to think about using dedicated server.

Look out for additional resources of web-hosting company: 

Because there are just so many hosting providers out in the world, choosing of a specialized hosting company is really difficult. The host you choose should guarantee the amount of time it is functional. Otherwise it is always problematic to log in to the administrative account and this creates a bad impression on hosting company. Webmasters many a times log into administration segment to check and modify certain sections of web sites. Check out bandwidth limits of hosting service. If you have a text-based website, you do not need to worry much about bandwidth management. Generally, texts not turn out that way place and this does not overload bandwidths at all. On the other side, if you are planning to have a website that will utilize huge resources, then it is better to go for dedicated hosting at the first place so that it will have room for improvement in the future when scope and vision of yours website expands further. Take care of hosting companies which are offering hosting from PHP, MySQL, FTP and other essential tools. Verify if the concerned web hosting company is allowing editing and modifying “. htaccess” files. It will empower you to edit error pages as well as password protect a directory of folders. Look out for these features and if these features are not available then it is better not to go with that hosing company. Most of the hosting companies are offering these features for free and check out those reliable hosting companies which are offering these features for free as well as check out the number of free email services. This one is a vital tool to implement proper customer relationship management in hosting company. 

Scope for future expansion and reaching out to informed decisions: 

Yours website is yours visible spectrum and the more you are seen and available in the online world the more it attracts visitors and generates revenues. Reaching final decisions on a reliable web hosting company is a tough job. Make a SWOT analysis of web hosting companies. It is true to say that some web hosts are specialized in shared hosting and some are excellent at dedicated hosting. Make a complete differentiation of all these attributes which are essential needs for your web presence. Look at what kind of hardware you're a hosting company is using. If these are not adequately specified try to contact with the client relationship manager and forward grievances to them. Various cheap web hosting companies is using spare parts hardware that will affect server time as well as processor speed. It can touch the server side as well as on site. Search for customer review, satisfaction and reputation of the web hosting company which you want to employ in building website. Numerous bloggers have time and again written real story experiences of web hosting companies.

On the other hand, make a twitter search to find out quick and precise feedback from companies. In twitter, you can directly contact with twitter user and can create a discussion between you and twitter user to find out more about concerned hosting companies. Then, think precisely about your position after three years. If you find signs of growth then, it is best to observe the scope of growth of concerned hosting company. If you feel, your web-hosting company does not have scope of future expansion then it is better to go for another web –hosting company which not only gives scope for further expansion through easier schemes and easy transfer of domains by implementing separate additional tools. It is therefore important to make a complete search on concerned web hosting company and make informed decisions. We have listened to so much about cloud servers hosting. It is a middle path between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Multiple domains run on a shared server but operate on a dedicated server like fashion. Investigate pros and cons and make a complete SWOT analysis before centering decisions into one web hosting company. 

Security is a relative term for both Linux and Windows host: 

Web hosting depends upon servers. Web servers run with Windows based or Linux based servers. While looking for a reliable web host you will find some posts that are offering both Linux and Windows hosting. New Webmasters go for the Windows platform because since days they have been using the Windows operating system and they seemed to be a great idea to hire a Windows server. It is not true. Linux servers are easy to use and it is cheaper than a Windows server. The Linux server is very intuitive and more secure than its counterpart Windows server. Virus attacks more to Windows server than Linux server. The Linux server has speed and it can be easily modified depending on the needs of customers. Historically, Windows host is expensive and most of the server are running with Windows host. Slowly, with increase of competition from Linux host, majority of hosting companies are providing a Windows host with a slight difference in price than Linux host. Windows host is personal preferences. Layman feels scared of Linux computers due to the perceived absence of proper graphical user interfaces (GUI). GUI of Linux host is entirely unlike. Sometimes it is more detailed and comprehensive than a Windows server. If your budget is extremely tight then, it is better to go for a Linux server which comes in very inexpensive from some web hosting companies.

Both platforms allow installing forums, scripts, software and other add on easily. Performance wise both platforms offer the same resources. Though at times, Linux works better than Windows platforms. Linux is an extended platform comparable to Android mobile operating system. It is still striving for innovations through crowdsourcing and open source platform. Every process runs on single threading system by utilizing unused resources for maximum optimization. On the other hand, Windows host is inclusive and its process works in connecting all modules and sometimes slows down the processor to a marginal level. In reality, most of these differences are negligible and you will hardly find any real time logging while performing governmental functions. Securities of both hosts is similar. Linux hosts are also vulnerable and people have hacked into it. Security depends upon in-house information technology (IT) staffs as well as administrators. Reputed hosting companies are determined to security of hosting servers. Go with a reputed hosting company in order to get a full-proof security for website. Precisely, security is a relative term for both Linux and Windows hosts.

Choose Windows and Linux host according to your requirement and necessity: 

With Windows hosting you should have Windows specific applications mostly built from Microsoft. Many Windows specific applications such as ASP,.Net, Windows Streaming Media, Microsoft Access, MS SQL work seamlessly with Windows host. It is only natural that this proprietary software to work efficiently within the native environment. There are various workarounds to make Windows software to work on a Linux host. Basic advantages of Windows copyrighted software are that they work from home computers efficiently. Client can build offline web access files and then upload to a web host through “file transfer protocol” (FTP). Linux host provides cost effective, stable and secure environment for web-hosting. If you do not have Windows proprietary software to use, Linux hosting will likely to be of best value. Comparatively, Windows servers run inclusively and every process runs irrespective of them are used or still, whereas Linux host runs individually to different components.

It uses entire resources while running processors. Windows host runs best when all components are used to optimum capacity. Whereas Linux processes slows down with increasing use of different components. All these aspects need to be considered carefully before taking vital decisions on choosing a web host. In creating a website the first and foremost task is to choose a hosting company and then to choose Windows or Linux host according to requirements and necessity. Linux servers are built on open source applications which are closely monitored by various communities and developers. Most of these developers are volunteers and they are not paid developers. It opens up unlimited possibilities of innovation and expands potential for out of box thinking. Personally, I would prefer Linux based web hosting which gives me boundless opportunity to create and build high potential website. Once you have decided on a host, it is now time to build website. You can write codes and design website and customize according to your specific requirement or else you can use a website builder tool to create a complete website from zero. From dozens of preconceived templates, graphics and other elements can be organized to create an attractive website. 


In everyday, we use separate processes of design to solve cycle of complexity. Through the coordination of problem-solving actions we reach towards broader design process which builds educational processes from life to design and then back to life. Web designing is similar to problem-solving processes, but its formal interaction and visual representation create cognitive thinking strategies which summarise important element of design processes. Web-designing is a progression strategy from numerous experiences of massed learning can help clients focus their attention on specific parts of the whole website. With simplicity and in depth exploring model of the process there are more modes of thinking and action which created from a sequence of activities of experience, reflection and principles explicitly organized through a logical framework of principles of design processes. In this modern era, where use of smart phones and mobiles is on higher side scope and framework to utilize all available resources are fully accessible. When building a site, you just have to remember. Your website serves as the dashboard of a catalogue of products for your consumers. It is important to design website from perspective oriented motive to give additional value systems to customers. Color bears significant values to our life. Color gives indication of mood. It is important to choose the right colors that will send correct signals to visitors. Do not involve in creating a fancy website that has high graphics which could considerably slower page loading times. It will seriously affect visibility of website within search engines. It has a catastrophic effect in search engine optimization techniques. If you are self-efficient than try out lighter website designing methods and bring out a perfect match for a suitable presentation of graphics.

Or else, you can pick and choose a reputed graphic designing company to get the best website redesign. Website designing software provided by web host has database software which provides a solid platform to pick and choose website from scratch. It is a lot easier, but it does have limited customization options. There is no guarantee that a beautiful decorated website could attract distinguished visitors. It is also a fact that quick page loading times as well as user-friendly navigation of website creates confident among users to build and corroborates a stronger web presence. There are a few tools, which help to build faster web pages. Most of these tools are available from hosting company and webmaster should ensure all these tools are available as a single hosting package. Creation of web designing paves the way for proper identification of the appropriate host followed by searching for a unique domain name, which creates a bare bones structure in constructing website. The work of web-entrepreneur deals with multiple levels of marketing which aims to build a futuristic vision for a dynamic web presence among hearts of millions of loyal visitors. Slowly, with better search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and proper distribution of content through social bookmarking distribution, page rank of website increases. This paves the way to shift shared hosting to dedicate hosting in order to make room for more visitors. It is all about managing aspirations and making opportunities for content writings.

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