Keyboard and Mouse are the most important tools from our computer system. Aren’t they? Without them it is very hard to workout. Yes there are few experts who can handle computer without them also but for normal users it is very hard. When we get any of this devices damaged, we have to face lots of troubles because of that.

But do you know we can operate Mouse with Keyboard and Keyboard with Mouse. Yes it is possible. With this way, we can make other device as alternative for that damaged device. It is not the permanent solution but temporary it will work great for you. Let’s see how can we do that??

Alternative of Keyboard using Mouse:

You can use this trick when your keyboard is not working or when some of particular keys on that keyboard are not working. This will be solved your purpose for temporary.

Just follow this path: Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Easy of Access -> On-Screen Keyboard
(Or type in search ‘On-Screen Keyboard’, you will get it directly in search result)


By opening this program you will get the virtual keyboard on your screen. With the help of this program, you can type anything using your mouse. Surely you will not be able to type as fast in compare to normal keyboard, but in urgent condition it is the great alternative. Surely it can be helpful to you on emergency time.
Now let’s move towards the alternative of Mouse.

Alternative of Mouse using Keyboard:

Now many of you should have faced this kind of problem. USB mouse is not working and it is very hard to use computer with those short cut keys. But with help of this trick it will be more easy to use mouse cursor with help of the keyboard.
Just Press the Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock from your keyboard. You will get the window with the question ‘Do you want to turn on Mouse Key’. Press Yes.

Now you will notice new ICON with the mouse image in the bottom right corner near your computer clock. This means it is on now. Now just make sure that your Num Lock is on. If it is on you will able to move your mouse cursor with help of below button from your number pad.


4 = Move Left
8 = Move Up
6 = Move Right
2 = Move Down
5 = Mouse Left Click
- (minus) = Change 5 button to Mouse right click
/ = Change 5 button to again Mouse left click

So just remember these numbers, so that you can move mouse cursor more efficiently. Using these keys from the Number pad of the keyboard you can easily move mouse cursor without mouse even.

Now to increase the arrow speed or to change other settings, follow this path. Go to Control Panel -> Easy of Access Center -> Make the mouse easier to use -> Set up Mouse Keys.

You can change all settings related to this trick from the window you get by following above path. Now let me tell you again, with this trick you will not able to work as well as you do with mouse itself. But still it can be work out well in emergency work for time being.

So this is it. Yes these tricks are not that efficient as the original one. But they can be helpful in emergency cases when one of those device not working. During that time it can be really life saver. And also it is good knowledge/trick to keep in mind. ;)


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