The computer is one of the most important findings in Information Technology. In olden days for each and everything man has to strive hard and achieved things with great difficulty besides spending a very large time in every single field. Therefore, he worked hard and find out a solution by inventing machines, particularly the “COMPUTER”. By this gradually he found out ways and means to reduce his burden and living peacefully without much strain and hard work. This has led him to the invention of Robot, which has occupied a major role in all the fields, especially in medical line. It is a wonder to say that robots attend surgical operations successfully, which has reduced major burden of the surgeons. For every single thing even a common man has now practiced to operate the computers which have greatly helped to reduce the man power and strain. If we want to say particularly by sitting in a chair, we can bring the world before us without roaming the place to place.  For remitting the dues for electric consumption, etc., it is now-a -days very easy by doing it from the computers without the wandering place to place, which has rendered a great amount of savings of time and energy.

We can boldly say that no house is left out without the use of a computer. It is quite necessary for every single person to know the operation of the computer, even if he is either old or unable. The people will generally laugh if one says that he does not know about a computer, and hence it is a compulsory one to know about the computer and its usage.

It is therefore, quite necessary to detail the different kinds of computers and about their usage and also about their fast development with updating. There are two kinds of computers in use now-a-days. They are Desktop, Laptop.

It is essential to describe about their usage so that every common man will be able to understand their working process and attend his work through them without much strain and pain.

The advantages of Desktop computer:

  • Up-gradation is quite easy.
  • The usage of Battery is not necessary.
  • Comparison of prices with a laptop it is lesser.
  • It is easy to find out the faults in parts as they were separately fixed.
  • When compared to laptop in regard to speed and performance, it is quicker.

It is also to bring out the disadvantages of the use of Desktop.

  • The occupation of the machines will take much space.
  • It is not handy to transfer from place to place.

The advantages of a Laptop computer:

  • Just like a suitcase it can be carried easily everywhere.
  • It can be used even at the time of power cuts by using the battery fixed in it.
  • If it is fixed with wireless modem, we can connect the Internet anywhere.
  • Even for getting service for the faults it is easy to carry to the workstation without strain.
  • Laptop will be released only after the quality checkup. 

So also the disadvantages in regard to this system are narrated below:

  • Its usage is largely spoken of that it affects the genetic problems of both men and women hence it is so serious.
  • The heat production during its operation will be felt physically.
  • As the fixation of the parts in the laptop is closed to one another, there are vast chances for other parts being affected if one is damaged.
  • There are chances of their being stolen away as it is easy to carry by anybody at any time during their transit by us.
  • Overcharged will lead to their busting and damage.
  • Besides the huge price of the parts, it is at times very difficult to get them in the market.

The next question before us is to decide ourselves about the selection and purchase either branded machine or the assembled one.

Advantages of the purchase of the Branded Computer:

  • We will get the warranty for the period specified by the company.
  • We can get a chance of technical support from the company whenever it is needed.
  • It will be loaded with the operating system free of cost.

Disadvantages of the purchase of the Branded Computer:

  • We cannot purchase it as per our requirements, and the change as to our choice will cost more.
  • For our option of change of the operating system, we have to bear the unnecessary expenditure.
  • We have to approach only the manufacturer for any defaults occurred within the warranty period.
  • Though we believe the machine is a branded one actually during its manufacture several parts are purchased and assembled by the name of the company. They are selling the machine with high price for their branded name in the market.

The advantages in regard to assembled PC:

  • Price will be lesser, even if we provide the parts of our choice comparing with branded one.
  • There is a chance to upgrade with the suitable parts whenever we require it.
  • Unlike the branded one there is a separate period of warranty for every single part.

The Disadvantages in regard to assembled PC:

  • For every single change of parts we have to approach the concerned manufacturer.
  • We will not get a branded name for our computer.
  • At times it will become difficult to get the parts required parts as they would be out of market.

Note:  In regard to purchase of laptop it is better to purchase from the branded company as it is being checked up before its release.

Parts of a Personal computer:

Front panel sides – Power switch, CDROM, Floppy disk, USB port, Sound card.

Back panel sides – SMPS, FAN. 

Motherboard - PCI, RAM Slots, HDMI, USB, VGA, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, LAN ports.

Components: Processor, FAN, resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, IC, Heat Sink, South bridge, CMOS Battery.

Things to know in selecting a good personal computer:


Selection will be based on processor speed, and it mentioned in GHZ.

Architecture – Price change depends upon architecture (Ex: Dual core, i3, i7...)

Cache mentioned in that will be in MB. The number increases performance will better.

FSB speeds – 533 MHz to 1600 MHz.

Market leaders: Intel, AMD.

RAM: It depends upon Operating system and requirements. (Minimum 1 GB required to support modern technologies)

Separate PCI slot for VGA card is good. Motherboards are now built in VGA card.

Hard Drive Capacity: 40GB to TB, Speed: 4200-15000 rpm, Interface: SATA.

USB ports – USB 2.0, 3.0

When you switch on the power button, the bios will make a self-test, called power on a self-test. This check is to find out the working condition of the hardware components such as CPU, RAM,I/O Devices. After this process is completed the next thing is the exhibition of MBR (Master Boot Record) in the boot loader. The next thing is the verification by the MBR in the first hard disk track0, sector1 location, and it will load the operating system which is called booting. If it is succeeded the next course of operation will start the operating system.

Fault finding in the computer:

First of all, it is to be found out where the fault occurs that is whether the issue in hardware or software.  If it is related to software, we can rectify a defect by using a search engine.  If the problem is related to hardware and a minor one, we could solve it otherwise it is better to approach a hardware expert.

Software-related problems:

  • Operating system-related problems.
  • Problems arose by the faulty installation by us.
  • Problems relating to the existence of virus in the computer.

The methods of rectifying the defects connected with the hardware by the experts are narrated below:

  • Look out the power supply to the computer.
  • Check up, whether the bios gets loaded.
  • Check up, whether there is any loose connection in the parts.
  • Verify defects in various parts fixed in the personal computer.
  • Motherboard spoiled due to voltage problems.
  • They will try to see that any parts are to be changed in the motherboard.

Maintaining a computer:

  • The formation of the dust is to be avoided and kept cleanly.
  • Unwanted files and cookies should be deleted.
  • Removal of unnecessary icons from the desktop.
  • Uninstall the unnecessary software from your PC.
  • We should run antivirus software at least once in a week.
  • We should update the virus software regularly.

Follow the steps to run the system securely over the Internet:

  • Install secured antivirus software.
  • Browsers should be updated periodically.
  • Use the ad blocker option in the browser to avoid unnecessary ad’s display.
  • Operating systems should be updated.
  • Install the best firewall software to protect from intruders.
  • For online transactions use https site.


Now-a-days, it is quite essential to have a computer in every single house to let the works completed in seconds with accuracy. There is no need to walk in roads for carrying our daily routine and get the works completed by sitting in the chair. 

Every machine will be in order only if it is properly maintained. It is better to check up the electric connection, particularly the earth connection in the area of the house in which the computer is to be put up so that we can avoid the electricity shock. It is also better to get the computer to off position whenever it is not used so that we can save the world from global warming.

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