Mara DNS is a security aware lightweight DNS that has the following advantages:

1. Security: this has a securityhistory as good as or better than any other DNS server. It was not even affected by the recently discovered DNS ports

2. Well Supported: it has a long history of being maintained and updated.

3. Easy to Use: a basic recursive configuration needs only a single three-line configuration file.

4. A Small Size: it is well suited for embedded applications and other environments, where the server must use the absolute min number of resources possible.

5. Open Source: it has a two-clause BSD licence that is almost identicle to Free-BSD


Installing this Mara DNS is easy if u have the software/file. if u dno ve the file means, get the latest version from the net. after gettin the file open a terminal and execute the following command

tar -xjvf`/maradns-

cd `/maradns-


now, ur binaries have been created and you are ready to test it. for testing u need to b the root user

cp server/maradns /usr/local/sbin

cp tools/duende /usr/local/sbin

mkdir /etc/maradns

mkdir /etc/maradns/logger

touch /etc/mararc

now open the /etc/mararc file in text editor and add the following lines:

ipv4_bind_address =""

chroot _dir ="/etc/maradns"

recursive_acl ="127.0.01"

the start maraDNS is shown below:

/usr/local/sbin/maradns &

if u are behing a NAT, such as a router, u need to forward a port 53UDP. and if u are behind a firewall, u need to allow MaraDNS to connect to the internet



u ll be good if u get a reply

bow, try running it in daemon mode:

killall maradns

mkdir /etc/maradns/logger

/usr/local/sbin/duedne /usr/local/sbin/maradns

killall maradns

if all are fine, u can install MaraDNS

cd /home//maradns-

make install

now, we have to add /usr/local/sbin and /usr/local/bin to our PATH variable by appending the following line /etc/bashrc file:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/sbin/:/usr/local/bin

That's all.... u are done! ur server s ready to run

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