Novel by Saran Kumar Limbale, "The Hindu", and his autobiography, "Akkar Masi".

Both are heart-rending works. More than his novel, his autobiography would captivate the readers by its truthfulness and aesthetics. Its aesthetics is raw, you might say. But here in his case, we find that he has discovered his freedom in writing. He describes events unheard of. We feel to ask: are there many Indians? The Hindu also is not different. Pulayappattu describes a lot on caste predominance; but The Hindu explains in detail what is meant varna, caste and its practice. We feel like traversing a new land, perhaps Harlem near New York. Or any other US town where the Negroes were subjected to most ill fated inhumanity, but at last we see Obama is a candidate for Presidential election. We would say: Oh, we have made Dr. K. R. Narayanan President of the republic of India. But no, it is a titular position. The vast majority of the lower caste people are subjugated to most heinous ill treatment. The caste masters could "use" their women, but they cannot touch them. How funny!

And it is not merely the theme, but also the treatment of the subject matter that captivates it. How one writes is the question of aesthetics. So, these works are aesthetically excellent. I could read only the translations by Sri Kaliyath Damodaran. He has done the work well.

A Russian book written by Boris Polevoi and translated into Malayalam by Subhadra Parameswaran.

I think I am really late to read this book but thought it was a book worth writing about here. Its a real life story about a Russian pilot who had to get his both legs amputated, but with his determination, hard work and above all, love for the country, comes back to the warfront, as a pilot itself. Really a touching!!

If anybody wants some kind of boost to the mind, I will certainly suggest this book because if he reads the hardships the character had to go through, and also the outcome of that, it will induce some kind of positive energy in to his mind.

Hope it will help somebody.

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