A man needs a good friend. Very sweet is in the friend ship. Hand to hand between friend ships. A friend is a better than relative person.

You have many friends. But it is not so easy to stay true to friends. You also have to know how to be a good friend.

Make friend with those who can save you from evils. Avoid those who have bad habits. If your friend speaks the truth, naturally you will learn to speak the truth. A friend of a liar will speak lies.

It is a bad habit to fight with friends. You have to listen to each other. If you bully your friend, he will not remain your friend for log.

Loyalty is a very important quality. You must take new friends, but you must never forget old friends. Do you know the words of a song about friends? It says: make new friends but keep the old. For, the new is silver but the old is gold.

Some main points

A)You must your friend. You must not spoil his books or toys. You must respect your friend.

B) Friendship is built upon love. Only when you, can you make true.

C) Always observe what is happening around you. (Friends). Who is good? Who is bad?

D) If you can also help, lend your helping hand.

E) When you help others you can help from other.

F) You help others. You get help from other.

G) Talk politely to others (and friends).

H) Never be rude to any body (and friends).

I) Practice good manners every (with friends).

J) Make friend ship with good boys.

K) Like you friends, even though he is ugly.

L) Love your friends, even though he is poor.

M) Make friendship with all in your school or in your office.

N) Friendship is like honey.

O) Give you hand for friendship to handicapped.

P) Money benefits from the friends.

Q) Friends circle is great. .

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