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I always respected people for their innovative ideas which most of them called - Juggad. And I always thought Jugaad was limited to our country and that too particularly to our areas only. But I was wrong because Jugaad is increasingly accepted as a management technique and is recognized all over the world as an acceptable way of making things in your desired favor. Since Jugaad has special value in cultural, religious, economical, political, social and scientific circles in our country, we should give it more importance. People having support of Jugaad can reach to the heights of Everest without the support of Oxygen but people not having Jugaad, will not make a news item even if they fell from Everest.  

Jugaad is wonderful

I accidentally typed Jugaad in Google search and was amazed to see the results, the whole page was full of various links taking to different news praising the different aspects of Jugaad could provide and it has reached to the various parts of the world like the very concept of Zero. There seems to be no progress in any fields if Jugaad technique is not applied especially in our country. If you have a proper Jugaad working for you, you can have whatever you like right from an admission in University of your choice, Gas agency, Petrol pump permit, Passport without greasing the palms, Licenses for heavy industries or Jobs in government sector. You can even get ration from cheap ration shops without having a ration card but if you have no Jugaad perhaps you are not entitled to get ration even if you have a valid ration card. 

You should not expect reservations in rail but a person having Jugaad can sleep in AC coach without having a proper ticket. One should not expect a ticket of any party for election, no awards for your creativity, and no jobs in government department to doctors and engineers and never a posting in a place where one can earn good money. Let me proceed further with story of importance of Jugaad, a person with Jugaad can become a minister without having fought an election ever, can pass any exam without studying ever, is entitled to bribes without any fear but an honest employee faces suspension if he tries to act against dishonest. 

To go a step further MPs and MLAs without proper Jugaad never gets a ministerial birth and a senior officer never reaches to the post of district magistrate despite his seniority. A dishonest person is never caught if he has the right connections and even if he is seldom caught, he does not stay caught for long time. What else if you have proper Jugaad you can sit in front row of any important shows with special invitations from administration otherwise your vehicle will found somewhere in traffic jam with ordinary citizen of this country.

Jugaad is unique art

Jugaad is an art as well science in itself. People who wish to become wealthy they first have to make special arrangements to be rich. These arrangements are better known as Jugaad in proper language. You know, in our country Goddess of money Laxmi rides an owl for her easy traveling to places. To become rich easily people try to make contacts with these owls first and we all know where to find these owls. I do not understand why people call it scam if someone is becoming rich by using his Jugaad that needs lot of common sense and efforts. You should understand that all honorable(S) in this country do not come in the category of frauds because they all belong to a special class, make as many Lokpals as you wish. No democracy will ever succeed if you will try to frame the makers of law the victims of the law that they made themselves. Not fair and practical, your thoughts are weird. Do you think that all these parties will ever come to same platform to amend the laws as they do for increment of pay and allowances, no way- you are absolutely mistaken.      

They are trying their best 

Yes, you should know that to save democracy people are doing their best. You can see it clearly the way they are making Jugaad in religion, casts and reservations in jobs, areas, states or even country. Everyone knows that we have never fallen behind in sports while selecting teams. Do you think they can do extra efforts than leaving the players those having no Jugaad and bringing in with lots of supporters to back. You are not aware of actual situation that this is all for the welfare of this poor country. If we started winning gold-medals by defeating highly rated countries, who will grant us loans then? Whatever is happening is for the sake of this country, if people are hopping parties they are doing it for the benefit of this country. You should not have any doubts on their integrity. They are doing it for the sake of this country, they are best patriots this country would ever have. 

Now the actual Jugaad


Most mechanics, doctors and engineers in our country go to the services of Jugaad when their bookish knowledge does not support them. You should know that there are many spares not available in our country but our mechanics will never let you down, they will arrange a Jugaad and your equipment will keep running. If a doctor will fail, he will come up with a Jugaad to treat his patient but will not let him die. When people were dying with cancer and AIDS in other countries, our doctors were successfully treating patients with Jugaad technology.    

Conclusion of Jugaad 

Although there is no conclusion is possible of Jugaad but I have to stop writing at a point and I would like to stop describing the greatness of Jugaad that everyone worth his name right from top to bottom is busy practicing Jugaad. People with successful application of Juggad are going to top. Your qualification, education or employment status is not an obstacle in this particular art. If you only learn how to apply your skills in this great art, nobody can stop you to reach to the top of your pre-set targets. A real Jugaad is made of different chassis, engine, gearbox and breaking system that consumes very little fuel. You have to use your brain to collect different parts for your Jugaad and make a vehicle that takes you to places.

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