Where would you find a precise explanation for what species of bird the Bank, Common and Jungle are? If you say it’s Myna, then you are either trying your luck to become a contestant at the show or have visited their web site. We are talking about the Indian version of Who Wants to Become a Millionaire – Kaun Banega Crorepati.

The show is in its sixth season, which had kicked off on July 3, 2000. It is a reality show that in itself is closest to reality and real life entities. It is one such TV show that makes one aware of one’s merist. That is why they rightly say – gyan hi aapko aapkaa hak dilata hai.

KBC has everything that the young generation today wants to prepare themselves for the highly competitive examinations. It is a show from such birdies who are looking to soar high in this world of cut-throat competition, to simple housewives who might have not go the opportunity to showcase their flair without this platform.

Amitabh Bachchan has made almost every episode of the programme interesting, entertaining, amusing and interactive too. That is why there is more interest amongst the audience to watch the show as well. It is an educative show and that is why followed by many college-going students and the intelligentsia.

For this season, the makers of the show have emphasized how only the knowledge can play a part in delivering you your rights. No wonder, Mr. Bachchan rightly calls it Panchakoti Gyankumbha. There is always one curiosity amongst the minds of the audience present on the set and the TV audience while watching this programme and it is about the knowledge a certain contestant has achieved. One gets to view the video clips of the contestants on the hot seat and the other personal information.

However, it is very important that the show commences showing the education level of the contestants. A contestant like Rekha Chowdhary (Saturday, October 6) comes from such a place where there is no electricity for about three weeks on the trot. She comes from a place where it is literally impossible to subscribe to newspapers or magazines. Yet, people like her make it to the hot seat. It is indeed a matter of great curiosity how the contestants achieve this enormous knowledge of various fields of human life.

Sushil Kumar has become a household name today. This straightforward and humble computer operator, who comes from Bihar, was able to win the jackpot of Rs. 5 crores in the last season. Manoj Kumar Raina, the first crorepati of the sixth season hails from a place like Kashmir. It is without a doubt commendable on the part of these contestants to try their level best to not only be able to participate, but also win considerable amounts.

We have had many examples in the last season, where people came from such places where they didn’t have access to mobile services. Such contestants came from places that still lack the fundamental amenities like road, electricity and education. Yet, they showed that they were the brave hearts. What were the sources of their preparations when the basic amenities themselves were absent?

India is a secular country. Islam and Christianity apart from Sikhism are some of the prominent faiths in India. One stumbles upon the questions from the Hindu mythology. However, it is a humble suggestion to include some questions from the other mythologies as well. It would be excellent if the educational qualifications of the contestants are briefly mentioned in the video clips.

The sixth season has already given us one crorepati. It is no doubt an inspiration for other aspirants to work harder towards the fulfillment of their aspirations. It will be superb the producers of the show will make the above suggested changes for the betterment of the show. The history of Indian Television will remain incomplete without the mention of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

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