We have to accept that the Television in houses acts a main role for all people. The real situation is that people will live even without food but not without a Television. It is true that T.V is an essential thing for each home as numerous programs are covered in it-like health matters, godly affairs, world news, games and sports, etc. However, generally, people have no intension to cover all these items but use the television only to witness the continuous events in serials in which generally will not get any knowledge or wisdom but actually spoiling their morality.

Generally such stories contain the quarrels, fighting and events affecting the character of the people. Once we have commenced to see the serials we will definitely become to addict to it as will be anxious to follow the continuous events keeping them in mind for the whole day. Generally, it spoils besides the character of the people but also to disturb attending the regular routine as people will concentrate in looking the events not caring their daily duties. At times, it becomes the cause for many accidents as people will forget what they were doing before visualizing the pictures. They ignore to do cooking, and at times they fail to place the LPG in off condition, which renders have become the cause for fire breaking, etc...

As people will engage fully themselves to such serials normally forget their surroundings. It helps mischief mongers to enter the house and do unlawful activities even while the house owners are present in the houses.

It is therefore construed that addicted people will naturally become mad and forget their surroundings besides attending their duties and routines. It is impossible to bring them to normal position just like the case of drunker and there seems to be no remedy for this disease. 

The actors are like us but for the action’s sake and to earn money they act in accordance to the direction of the director without caring for other’s welfare. The actual sufferer is the watching people not the actor or the Director.

The Director of episodes never mind about the people’s happiness, but they want to extend their serial life as much as possible by including a new character in the episode or showing lots of generations before what had happened. Every serial will definitely include crying scenes this is an”unwritten fate” for serials.

In the serials if any quarrel happened between husband and wife or in-laws, etc. people will compare that incident with their lives and telling others that the same thing is happening in our life. People after finishing their work at office and return home should definitely have no chance to watch their desired channel because at the time only serials are playing a major role in the television.

We really say thanks to merely one department (Electricity board) because they have the choice to make a power cut in homes at least for some hours not to hear the noise of the telecast. When power comes people will immediately switch on the television to watch the serial. While people watching an important role playing in the serial at that time the advertiser will show their tricks by playing their ads. People now in a tensed mood and want to know what will happen after the advertisement play at that time the director of the episode show there trick by putting the word “continue”.

People’s tension mood will be cleared off only after getting to know the results. Sometimes they should wait for one week to know the result because the serial will play the past things those times to recollect what happened until the date. The rest days for peoples are Saturday and Sunday because regular serials will not play on these days.

Addiction will not be cured suddenly. You must slowly and steadily improvise yourself by watching the television in useful way or engaging in different activities.

How to overcome from this addiction and here there are four tips:

  • Watch Television in a useful way
  • Spend more time with family
  • Plan your schedule.
  • What is the benefit is by watching these serials.

Instead of spending the time in serials if we join with our child or old age peoples in our family by attending their needs, they will find happiness and show affection in return. It is the only way to avoid unnecessary quarrels in the family. Watching the serial in the television is no problem but addicted to it is the major problem. The person who suffers due to serial is almost women because the majority of the serials are watching by women only.

People should be always aware that they have a life beyond televisions. People should understand between the reality and the action.

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