Purpose of Cocktail parties:

 Cocktails are a pleasant way to meet several people and get to know them.Companies often invite business associates and customers to cocktails to meet them and to strengthen relationship.
Cocktails parties can be hosted by anyone.It can either be a organized friends or family and it can also be a official party.
Such kind of parties are hosted to rejuvenate with your old buddies, share practices amongst your professional friends and family get together.

How You Should Walk Into a Cocktail Party

When you attend a Cocktail, walk in with your head held high and with enthusiasm.You are going in to meet people and enjoy yourself.Therefore the bar or the hors d'oeuvres table should be your first stop.The purpose of the function is not to eat free food and drink unlimited liquor- it is to meet people and make connection- it is getting into conversation and not appeasing your appetite.

 Make eye contact while having a discussion.No one wants to talk with someone who is always scanning the room for a more important contact.There is a city in India where the people are more mercenary then in any other. Whenever you are invited for a party, people confront you in an aggressive "What do you do" when you tell them what do you do they ask your card.You can literally see their mind working-can this person be of use.If they do not think you will be, while they talk to you they will be looking around and at the door to see if there is anyone better to talk to the moment they see someone they'll leave you without a goodbye.This is crude and ill mannered.Do not do this.

What should not be discussed?

 Your conversation should be clean and without sexual undertones.Keep away from controversial subjects like religion and from gossip.


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