The Queen of Hills
Ooty is one of the most famous hill stations in India. This is beautiful hill resort is one of the most beautiful places which I have visited situated in south India. This lovely hill city is at the height of about 2250mtr from the sea level, which has very pleasant and most scenic beauty scattered all around. This is one of the most visited places situated in the lap of Neelgiris. Ooty is in fact the popular name of Udhagmandalam, which was once the base of Tonga tribe who lived here for centuries.

Ooty is another hill station that came in to existence in British period in the beginning of 19th century. The first building that took shape here was ‘stone house’ by the then collector of Coimbtore, which is the principal’s office of Government Arts college of Ooty and one of the most famous among the buildings. The British Madras governor converted Ooty into their summer capital after they developed the small gauge railway line.

The real beauty - The Hill Queen Rail
While talking about railway line this is one of the biggest tourist attractions for the travelers to this beautiful hill resort. Like the train journey from Kalka to Shimla, this is another hill resort developed by British in their ruling period in India. The journey between Coimbtore to Ooty is a treat to enjoy in itself that gives us a feeling like traveling through the clouds. Although one never thinks of the effort, it took to complete the project of laying the railway line that took more than forty-five years and once it completed at the end of 19th century this was a big attraction for locals as well as people coming from far off places.

Ooty Lake
As I told you, the actual name of the place is Udhagmandalam but mostly people know this place as Ooty because of the beautiful Ooty Lake, which is the reason that people know this city as Ooty. Moreover, like most lakes in different hills this one is not natural but fabricated or artificially constructed by man. This lake came in to existence in 1925 where people enjoy boating and horse riding around this lake. Oh, this is such a beautiful place with Lake Garden adding more attraction to this beautiful garden. Tourists who want to enjoy fishing can do so with a prior written permission from the management.

There are other Attractions in Ooty
Botanical garden is a beautiful garden spread over twenty plus hectare of land, which they planted in 1850. The garden is full of rare plants and trees and has more than six hundred and fifty different varieties of those plants. This garden is very popular due to its lovely maintenance, cultural shows and exhibitions of natural flower shows. These are regular features of this garden.

Dodabetta Top
This is the highest point of the area situated at the height of approximately 2625mtr. This top is just ten or so km away from the city and therefore easy to reach. The tourists enjoy a view of valley even Coimbtore is visible from here provided the weather permits and it is not cloudy.

Kalhatti Waterfalls
Kalahatti waterfall is another tourist attraction about thirteen km away from the city. This falls is about a hundred feet high that is, situated at Kalhatti- Masinagudi area. However, one has to be careful from the animals like tigers, jungle buffalo and other similar animals, which are available in this area.

for Ooty

This is one of the three hill stations situated in this area. This place is not as famous as Ooty or Kunnore, which are main tourist attractions of the area. However, I prefer it to other places for the scenic beauty of the hills and the tea gardens those produce the best tea available anywhere in the world. This place has the qualities of an excellent health resort due to its climate and his would make a good trip for the nature’s lovers.

Disclaimer- If any names found misspelled may please take the way we pronounce them.

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