Your travel trip may look a burden

Yes, if you are not careful how you carry your clothes and other items, your tour may become a problem rather than a fun trip. Packing your items while going out for a fun trip is important aspects of your travel program- plan it carefully. You find it so very exciting while chalking out a plan to go out for a fun trip but poor planning of packing may destroy the basics of joy and convert you into a porter therefore take a few precautions to enjoy your trip fully.

We do not think about problems on the way

As a matter of fact while we pack for our travel, we want to keep every thing that we use in every day’s routine without thinking that we shall not be able to travel with a weight exceeding limit of allowed by railway or airlines. We should always make a proper checklist to make sure that we are carrying items, which are must and we should not forget to carry.


See to it that you have your –

  • Tickets, Passport/visa
  • Your ID card
  • Talk time vouchers
  • Your ATM cards
  • Credit cards
  • Details of your stay arrangements and concerned bills/receipts
  • Contact numbers where you are going to visit
  • Hotel confirmations
  • Required foreign currency
  • Your camera
  • Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Data transfer cables in case you are carrying your laptop
  • And details of your travel insurance.




Plan in detail about the places of visit

If you have a proper program about the places you are going to visit would make it easy to carry clothes according to weather of the places. Some places have the nature of sudden rain and that makes it mandatory to pack accordingly. This is wise to carry lesser but appropriate clothes of darker shades and flip-flop so that you do not face a shortage of clothes because the darker shades do not look soiled easily. Pack your dresses according to duration of your stay and allowed weight by the travel media.

This is wise to travel with light and lesser quantity, select clothes those might go in mix and match way on different occasions or night outs. This is good to wear cotton but keep some polyester options as well because these are easy to wash, need no ironing and dry fast. Keep undergarments according to need but do not carry a large quantity because these are easy to wash and use. Avoid carrying tea shirts with odd/conservative messages printed on them; they may single you out in an unknown place that may make your position awkward. Dark colors would serve your purpose best because these are able to hide dirt and stains up to a maximum extant. As advised before also, if traveling to a place where it rains occasionally a thin windcheater would be very handy to protect you from rain and cold weather. This also goes in case of footwear, you need not carry a matching shoe for every dress, and taking two, sets of shoes those cater to every need should e sufficient. This is better to carry a comfortable pair of shoes if you are going to a hill station that would make your tour a lot more comfortable.


You should know in advance about your limit of allowed weight

This is necessary to know especially while you are going on a foreign trip because the extra luggage attracts heavy charges according to rules of different airlines and every Kg may cost around up to Rupees two thousand. There are chances that while returning from the trip you may find some gift items for your family members, please see to it that the cost of extra luggage does not exceed the cost of gift items because you did not consider the weight aspect while buying them. So be careful in what you carry with you and more so while coming back with gifts for the family members.

Be careful while on a tour

Women love to show their belongings, I know most women will not agree with me and in case a woman is supposed to edit my article, I am in grave danger. However, this is a proven fact that most women want to carry a few costly ornaments while going out even for a pleasure trip. I would suggest they should carry junk but funky jewelry on such occasions to avoid losses. Artificial jewelry is very good alternative of real and costly to avoid regret later if any thing goes wrong. Even the wristwatches you use on such tours may not be the costliest ones those you own, you can always use sports watches on such occasions.

pack it


Your beauty bag is must but keep lesser to enjoy maximum

I know you are not going alone but with your partner who wants to look beautiful and gorgeous as much as you want to look bold and handsome. I also know that men do not need that many items but women do and they want to carry their makeup kits etc with them. A makeup kit consisting of a few lip colors, glasses, eye-color pencil, mascara, shadow, light colored blushes and a handy mirror should be enough for a travel trip to make your trip light weighted and pleasurable. Please make sure that you do not carry a heavy toiletry because most of the hotels provide such items and whatever you need to carry on personal basis should be in small packing. Avoid carrying glass bottles because they may break in the transit and spoil your other belongings. Do not forget to carry wet end and dry wipes especially handy sanitizers to keep neat and clean on your outing for a better experience. Carry a stylish big enough bag that can carry all your essential items, that would enable you to avoid opening different bags for searching necessary items you may need while in transit.

In the end

I would like to suggest being very careful while making a plan to go out and carrying your belongings. One should be very alert in selecting the items and should avoid carrying, which is not must. Plan your trip in such a way that you remember it for enjoyment you had and not the problems you faced. I wish you a very happy journey with all the comforts in the world, von voyage.

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