This is God’s own country indeed
One of the best ways to know about a place is to go there and see it by visiting places and meeting people. The same is true for God’s own country known as Kerala. However, there is another way to know this place by traveling through backwaters in a beautiful boat available in all sizes and price range according to your pocket and requirement in the vastly spread network of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers. Backwater network although is used by locals for transportation, fishing and agricultural use but this has become a big tourist attraction lately with planned and aggressive advertising and facilities available.

house boat1

Spread over almost fifteen hundred kilometer area
Most of the area that comes under the network is spread over in four districts of Kerala namely Kollam, Alappuzah - I prefer to call it by its old name of Alleppy, Kottayam and Kochi also Cochin or Ernakulam. There are more than forty rivers a vast number of lagoons, well-knit canal network and lakes that makes the network of backwaters spread over fifteen hundred kilometers and every inch of it filled with splendid heavenly beauty.

The biggest of the backwaters network is Vembanad Lake, which in itself is the longest lake and the largest in Kerala located in between Alleppy and Kottayam, which falls in Arabian Sea in Kochi finally. The second biggest backwater is Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam district of Kerala, which is as famous and beautiful and probably more famous than other such spots around.


Vembanad Lake
Oh- that is so beautiful! As much you spend your time in this heavenly place here, you can spend your time boating, sitting, fishing and looking at the beauty nature has provided to this lovely adorable area. A Simple walking along the banks of Vembanad Lake and experiencing the love of nature is enough reason to take a trip of this lovely land. There is a new landscape waiting for the feast of your eyes wherever you look at. The place is beyond description in words.
What else can you do at Vembanad- The other attractions that you can find at the Vembanad include a local village tour, local temples, boat ride to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary boat ride of Vembanad Lake etc, trip to the beaches. Elephant ride is another big tourist’s attraction along with massage therapy in a systematic way, which is an expert’s job here.
The other famous places include - Kumarakom beach, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, bird watching, Thirunakkara Mahadev Temple, Thazhathangady Juma Masjid, snake-boat races and many more places according to your own interest. Kumarakom is only about 10 miles away from Kottayam, which is well connected with all the major cities of India. In addition, Kochi is nearby big city with all facilities of harbor, airport, railway and road transport

HB furniture

Ashtamudi Lake is probably the best in the world of its kind
I am at loss of words while trying to describe this wonderful lake. I am also amused to see a number of lakes so beautifully associated together in fact this is a group of lakes that makes it more beautiful and worth visiting. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of this place you should make a program to visit it soon because the area of lake is reducing at rapid rate and the pollution is making it a little different despite the government is doing its best to keep it clean.

Now the best of them all- Kettuvallam
Without the boat, Kettuvallam the trip to backwater would be a no trip. This is a houseboat made of wood using coir rope and would you believe it that not a single nail to make it. The boats, which are made of Anjili wood, bamboo poles, coconut fiber, rope carpets etc. have a standard size of 67x13 feet mostly. These boats have all the luxury of star hotels according to your needs, these boats mostly consist of all the facilities of a well-furnished 2-3 BHK flat depending upon their rent. The charges may vary but there is a standard rate of air-conditioned houseboat that covers different occupancies. The package for one bedroom for two adults may begin with Rupees 6,500, a double bedroom for four adults may cost Rupees 10,500 and three bedrooms set for six adults would be in the range of Rupees 15000. Prices may vary according to their facilities and season.

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There is ever facility available inside a Kettuvallam
These boats provide its occupants all the facilities of a luxury hotel including air-conditioned bedrooms with glass windows providing a beautiful view of backwater even while you are lying on your bed. These boats have the facilities of bathrooms with all the modern facilities with shower, washbasin, geyser and toilet seats of your choice etc. The kitchen in the boat serves you dishes of your choice with the help of an expert cook available from morning to night. You can cook according to your own choice if you wish so. There is almost every other indoor games facility available for in-house activities those you can enjoy if your friends and family accompany you for a fun trip. You can find fishing rods, painting pads and even a library there inside a boat itself.

If you are ready for a trip to backwaters
You might have a few questions in your mind in case you are ready to go for a trip to backwaters in Kerala after reading my description of such a nice travel destination. I know what is cooking in your mind; let me explain them in detail so that you may not feel any problems while visiting there.

1- The best option to hire a boat for your trip is from Alleppy where there are hundreds of boats available for this purpose. This is easy to reach Alleppy from your place depending upon your traveling method. If you are going by air, the nearest airport is Cochin and if you are going by train, Alleppy is on the way to every mainline leading to Cochin or Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala.
2- The best and popular most boat rout is in between Alleppy to Kollam the distance about eighty-five kilometers. You can hire a boat for duration according to your own choice but a trip of two to five days is enough to recharge you sufficiently.
3- As I have mentioned earlier also that the rates of hiring a boat depend solely on the availability, season, type of boat whether you have opted for a deluxe boat or super deluxe. The rates may vary in the range of five thousands Indian Rupees to fifteen thousands per night/day including food and all other facilities those are part of the package.


This may prove to be your lifetime trip
Therefore a trip to Kerala backwaters spread over fifteen hundred kilometers is going to prove a unique attraction especially staying in most luxurious house boats and enjoying the slow speed ride watching through the windows from the bedroom the most beautiful palm groves. This is an entirely different experience to watch landscape, local villages and wildlife sitting on the deck of a boat on uniquely designed furniture with a different mood. I for one would never forget my trips those I have made during my different visits alone as well as with my wife, family and friends.

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