You must have seen many heartbreaking or sob stories around and most of them revolve around love. If you are confused if the guy you have been dating for days, months or years is really into you then look up for these signs and try figuring out the answer if he really is the right choice you have made. Remember every love story may not have a happy ending but sometimes the right decisions may make up your life and the wrong ones can give you a real bad time. 

He treats you like a lady A gentleman will always treat girls like ladies with all the due respect and special attention. If your guy waits for you to step first into the restaurant or any other place, pulls the chair for you before taking his seat, offers to do any favors for you then he does have a special place for you in his heart. 

He likes to spend time with you Does the guy take out time from his schedule to be with you? Does he never forget to call you even when he is on an outing to enjoy with his friends? When in a group are you the one he constantly looks in the eye and likes to talk the most to? If yes then you are special for him. If he wants to be with you no matter how you spend the time then he is genuine in his likings. If a guy can give up a day time he spends in the gym or an evening with friends just to be with you then girl he is really the right guy for you. Remember let him make his decisions and do not force him into taking out time for you, if he does it himself that will give you happiness.

Respects your choices and takes care of you If a guy likes you from his heart he will always keep in mind your likes and dislikes. He will never ever let you face discomfort due to him. If you tell him that you don’t like public display of affection he will never make you feel uncomfortable in front of your friends or other people. If he knows that you don’t like to go to a particular place or say with a particular friend he will never try to force you to do so and respect your choices and decisions.

He flirts If a guy is into you he will find you irresistible and may naturally flirt with you often. It comes naturally when liking is there. If your guy flirts with you (not all the girls around)and talks about sweet things to you that make you feel good and this not in front of all of your friends group but in alone when there are just the two of you. Then yes the guy is definitely into you.

He enjoys your attention If the guy has a special place for you in his heart he will put in his best efforts to please you and impress you. Have you ever noticed that your boyfriend does things that you like, take for instance he listens to the songs that are your favorite and wears the colors that you like then he is trying to be the guy you had always wished for. If the guy seems to take interests in your interests he is really having feelings for you in his heart.

Sometimes he calls you just like that If a guy really likes you he will surely like to talk to you as an when he feels like. He would not wait for a special occasion to talk to you but will call you for no reason sometimes maybe just to know how you spend your day or how have you been.

Introduces you to his friends There are guys who may give you all the attention in the world but will never take your name in front of their friends. Is your guy in the same category? Does he hesitate in introducing you as his girl before his friends? Introducing you to his friends is a signal that he has made a place for you in his life and wants to include you in the list of people that are close to him. If he talks about you and your good things to your friends you really mean a lot to him. He wants his friends to know that you are the girl he had been dating and show them how amazing a person you are.

Considers your friends his friends If a guy is really into you he will listen to your talks about your friends and would show interest in meeting them and getting to know them. A good natured guy will respect your girlfriends too and be a happy go lucky guy when around them. If your friends happen to be with you when he is around he will give them space too and not force you to come along with him if you cannot. He may indulge in flirting with them but at the end of the day you are the girl for whom his heart skips a beat!

Observe his body language for the signs If the guy really likes you he will look straight into your eyes and will give you a smile even when you are surrounded by a group of people. He will lean forward to you while talking to you. It is said that a person if sitting with you crosses his arms and leans backward is not much interested in you. So if a guy is interested in you he will have open arms and his torso will be leaning towards you while he talks. If he enjoys your company he will less fidget and be completely engrossed into you. If he is really into you he will not look more into you rather then looking around.

He listens and not merely hears Whenever you talk does he keeps responding to you in between whenever required. Observe if he listens to you and participates in the talking. He will make you a part of the conversation whatever it may be and may ask you for your takes and opinions. If a guy is serious for you your comments and your viewpoints will matter to him and he will love to include you in his talks.

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