Stairs are vital part of any home. One has to take approval for the design normally but the stairs are designed as per the space and decor of the home. There are standard clearance and dimensions commonly used while construction of stairs at homes. Also the width of stairs are also is considered while construction. During the construction of the house the space is studied and as per that a builder decides which stair case is to be constructed in a building. Stairs not only to be constructed in the right location but also should be easy and comfortable to use. Location of the stairs may vary as per the requirement but most of the stair cases are located in the center. When there are separate families on different floors then its better to have stairs near the main door so that people may not enter inside the house and may go upstairs from the main door itself.

Through this articles I would discuss about some common types of stairs used in homes but before that there are few standard dimensions which one should keep in mind:

- A riser shall not be less than4" or more than 7".

- The tread shall not be less than 11'.

- The difference between the largest and the smallest tread shall not be more than 3/8 inches and the difference between the highest and lowest riser shall not be more than 3/8 inches.

There are six types of stairs:

1.Straight run stairs: The straight run stairs as the name says are straight stairs having no turns at all. These are easy to construct and are less expensive to construct unlike other types of stairs. These types of stairs are so common and are easy to go up and down. But as we know the number of treads in one straight flight should not exceed 16 so its not feasible to have a straight stair case for longer heights. So the proper way is to give a proper landing in between straight stairs if the height is long.

2.L stairs: L type of stairs or Quarter turn stairs ia like a straight stair but the thing is here the landing is needed to change the direction of flight by 9o degrees so it makes a shape of L letter of English language. Stairs of L type are more comfortable than the straight stairs due to the presence of landing the flight is broken in to two thus reducing treads in one flight and makes climbing more easy for a person.

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3.Double L stairs: These stairs are modified version of L type stairs. These are used when there is less space availability in the house. These have two 90 degrees turns along the flight. These are not frequently used in the residential buildings. The two 90 degrees turns are normally one at the top and one at the bottom. 

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4.U stairs: "U" type of stair case have two options viz narrow U and wide U one can choose it as per the availability of the space in home. The narrow type has no space or little space between the flights while the wider one has more space between the flights.

5.Spiral stairs: Spiral stairs are used where there is space constraint and where there is not enough space to construct full size stair case. Normally these type of stairs are made from steel in parts and are welded together however these can be constructed from wood also. Spiral stairs are normally not safe to use as they have wider steps. Though these type of stairs look good and increase beauty of the house.Spiral stairs consist of central column with stairs winding around it from bottom to the top. Column should be made of stainless steel however the steps and railings can be made by wood,steel,glass or stone. Also there are curved stairs which is like an arc of a circle. Even these type of stairs looks good but they are not comfortable like other type of stairs.

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6.Winder stairs: These type of stairs are constructed where there is no space constraint and are angled 20~25 degree turn and are the best for wall spaces that are curved.

Material to be used for stairs - Material of the stairs should be chosen as per the budget and should meet the requirements. Stair cases can be of polished concrete and tiles. It can be made by timber or steel. Hand railings could be of steel,wood. Hand railings also should be chosen as per the budget as there are variety of ideas in the market as well as the ways to construct them to increase the beauty of the house.

It is very normal that people fall on the stairs while going up or down and may get injured so its advisable to select material of the stair case which is less slippery and its better to fit carpets on the steps as it makes comfortable to climb up and down on the stairs. 

So these are the few things about the stairs to be constructed while making new house. The main point which one should remember is that one should any type of stairs which is in the budget and meet requirement. Also the space is the the main factor for selecting a particular type of stairs. Main function of the stairs is to climb up and down safely so one should not forget it and should keep the safety on the top priority then should think about the beauty of home.

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