A place to dwell – now flats have paved way to villas! By accommodating all facilities of modern world, villas draw attention nowadays. Uniform construction of homes within a compound, with almost same structure and shape are known as villas. Normally they will be owned by a single person, group or company. They construct homes of same plan with or without modifications in a plot, later sell them to those who want to stay there. Normally people of different families/categories come together under a villa construction and stay together. Villas are of single storied or double storied buildings, usually given same colour shades and designs and there will be a master print to construct them all with a master plan. Each home has a compound wall also. In most cases, a well will also be included. It depends on builder’s choice to give alterations to individual homes or not. Single home in a single plot of 5 or 6 cent makes it more popular than flats. Also it gives more privacy and freedom than ‘prisons of flats’. Also it gives more chances to families to live together as a village or small town, mingling each other. Now villas are appearing not only in cities, but also in remote towns. Also, in most cases places with natural scenery like coconut tree shades, hills or small streams are chosen. It gives a pleasant atmosphere to live in. 


While choosing a villa

When you choose a villa for yours, it’s common to search for own likes and dislikes. Everyone gives preference to their tastes and interests while choosing a villa. People not only give importance to interior design, structure and plan of the villa, but also gives equal importance to its surroundings. They check for social elements as well. Everyone wants to choose a villa that suits their social status and give preference to family background, social relations and social status of neighbours. In true terms, people of equal likes and status prefer to stay in same villa structure.

Earlier preference was given to children’s education. But now convenience of travelling to work places and its distance are given first preference. No one likes to drive long distance after a professional job of lengthy 10 hours or more.

If you take the people who lived a generation back, it can be noted that most of them think about dwelling homes after retirement. But now, people start dreaming about their home once they reach 34 or 35. When ready to occupy villas are chosen, community, friends and relatives are given first preference. Instead of thinking about good schools for kids, now everyone wants to see worship places near – it’s the latest trend. As good schools are numerous in number and available in all towns and villages, distance to office and temples are marked ‘first’. First you need to determine, on what criteria you should choose a villa. Once you got answer to this question, you can choose your plot.

Location is important

It’s better to choose silent areas, a little distant from main street or town. If so you will get a silent place with village atmosphere. Also such places will be less polluted. Nowadays every family owns a two-wheeler or car and hence it’s not difficult to go out for a purchase even if the shopping mall is 1 or 2 km distant.

If you choose a corner plot you will get path only from one side. If it forms a part of busy street, it doesn’t appeal beautiful. It gives a narrow effect and you can’t get a full view of it from distance. Also noise of streets and horns of vehicles will disturb you a lot. So it’s best to avoid those corner plots, near to busy streets or narrow paths.

Now constructions are made as per Vasthu, as everyone follows vasthushastra according to latest trend. If direction of wind and ventilation are noted and villas are constructed according to it, it gives a lot of things in return. Building rule of Vasthu also considers height, construction model and materials used for constructing roofs.

Privacy is given second preference

The changes in family, social life and social relationships have also influenced the recent villa construction strategies. Nowadays if an open courtyard is found inside villa compound, windows opening to this open space are absent. Everyone gives importance to privacy now! Ups and downs of budget in hand can also influence the selection of a villa. It requires at least 30-35 lakh rupees to buy a villa. Demand is higher for those villas that’s included in 5 or 7 cent plots, particularly among common man. It reduces purchase cost a lot. Yet everyone seeks for efficient villas with all their tastes included though they compromise with a big courtyard. No compromise for furnishing or finishing. In most cases, buyers think for getting free maintenance cost at least for next 5 years. But architects follow some tricks too, to sell them as soon as they are completed. So, a purchaser should think several times if the villa is worth for the done in same pattern and design, architects always try to make a few derivatives, not much different from the main plan. In most cases they do so, by changing the position of bedrooms or planting trees in between. Land prize should be below 30% of the construction cost of the villas – it’s the strategy of planners.

Villas – a bit different

In 90% cases people buy villas to stay, not to give for lease or rent. So, they always prefer to have a bedroom and study room in the ground floor. All want their bedrooms to be bath attached and in a few cases, they prefer to have a common bathroom too. There may be bit differences in styles and total area of kitchen, pantry and store. Nowadays people like to add a pantry to their kitchens than work areas. So in the recent plans, work areas are seen diminishing.

If an extension is given to pantry, it becomes a modern kitchen where a small family of two or three members can dine easily. Breakfast table constructed as a part of kitchen is convenient for families if both husband and wife are working outside. Normal villas always try to include a common living room in the ground floor and a family living area upstairs.

Nothing is compromised with painting and finishing. Vitrified tiles are used for flooring in most cases; light or off white shades are chosen most. It never takes more than 6 months if total square feet of the villa is below 1500 and if it’s one single floor. A 2500 square feet villa may take 1 year to complete. It’s always better to construct a simple villa of medium size as it can save a lot of time for cleaning and maintenance cost in future.

Recent villa projects in middle Kerala

Now it’s a boom period of villas in Kerala – particularly in Thrissur-Ernakulam belt. This trend has started just a couple of years back and a lot of people are coming forward to live in villas than flats. That may be the reason why major flat constructions of these two districts have included villa projects as well. In Sobha City of Thrissur, though started with luxurious flats 5 years back, now a lot of luxurious villas have also been started whose price start from 1 crore. Same is the case of Rehna homes. Both these projects belong to Puzhakkal in the NH Thrissur-Guruvayur. Such reformations have started in Guruvayur as well. Rush for flats have already ended; people now choose villas by the side of small streams and natural scenery like mountains, hills and paddy fields. Now, in Sobha City of Thrissur a recent program has started to clean the dirt stream beside it and an artificial stream has also been constructed to draw more attention.  People now choose villas than flats, as they give a free atmosphere to breathe, a compound of their own and a social life to mingle for. Then why are you waiting for?

I have prepared this article based on latest trends of Kerala. Hoping it will be helpful, at least for those who are not dwelling in big metros.  

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