It is true that we all live in a house; it may be rented or own. House itself needs some care and maintenance. Care and maintenance of house mean repairing, coloring time to time etc. In the other hand we use many things in our house to live peacefully and comfortably. Some are electric and electronics components and some are non electrical. All components need some care and maintenance.

In many houses some servants and maid servants do this job. We can just guide them how to do. Many times in middle class family we do it.


It is said that it is a good habit to remain neat and clean. It decreases many diseases also. Dust is a main enemy of electric and electronics components. Dust may come through air and if we don’t clean then the house will lose its glassiness. In other hand some people may have dust allergy. So maintain a schedule and plan to clean the house and components.

Machine to clean-Normally we can use cotton cloths and a broom to clean but it has a chance to spread the dust in the air. So it is better to use a vacuum cleaner. It has some other uses too. It cleans the spider waves clearly.

Let start to clean from kitchen- Kitchen should be clean and dust free as foods are made and kept there. An oily substance also make dirty to all kitchen components. So these all should be cleaned properly. Now a day we use many electronics components in kitchen like induction cooker, micro oven, chimney etc. Also there is gas oven, pressure cooker, refrigerator in the kitchen room. Periodical services are needed to give a long life to those. We have to clean the floor also and racks of kitchen. We can use some detergent or cleaner with water. Lemon and salt is a good home made solution to wash better.

Then Bathroom: Bathroom should be cleaned daily, if possible. Bad smell may come from it if it remains unwashed. Phenol, naphthalene, Odonil may be used. We should flash water every time after use of bathroom.

Now some components: 

Refrigerator- The condenser coils should be dust free as it is the main component of a fridge. If it remains dirty then it takes more time to cool and also will consume more energy. So in a regular interval wash it using a brush. The gasket of doors should be kept clean also. Keep some soda and cut piece of lemon inside the fridge as it helps not to spread any bad smell.

Water purifier- In many houses we use water purifier to drink fresh water. It needs some care and maintenance also. Change the filter in a regular interval. Carbon filter and ceramic filters also have to be changed and better call a service provider to maintain it. Beside this water tank also need to be washed in regular interval.

Washing machine- Washing machine is used to clean cloths, so we should keep it clean. Wash with fresh water internally and externally with a cloth. Give also a service call to service provider for routine maintenance.

Maintenance of aquarium- It should be maintained once in every week. Water change, cleaning the inside and also outside glass may be regular routine. Though the maintenance of aquarium is a time taken matter but it should be done.

Lights and fans- We all use different type of lights at home. If these remain dusted the light will be less. So dedusting of all lights is necessary to get full light. Fans also need a regular washing and servicing. 

There are many more things in our house and all should be cleaned. So it is not only a good habit but also a good exercise also and keeps our mind free and fit.

Benefits of housekeeping- To keep house clean ,it requires time with energy. A clean house helps to be clean minded also. In other hand it helps to keep our body fit as it is a good exercise. The life of the house and appliances increase due to cleanliness. It also prevents the electrical and electronic appliances from fire. It grows energy also. Our children also can learn how to maintain a clean house. 

Now some tips to clean your home quickly-

  • Music plays an important role to grow energy in some work. Play your favorite music and start cleaning.
  • Start from that room which is dirtier as you think. It takes lot energy and in the beginning everybody remains with full energy.
  • Start cleaning from top and from one side as dirty can remove totally.
  • Clean your kitchen quickly as it may be the dirtiest part of a house.
  • Clean the sink and basin with water and soap. Baking soda also helps to clean quickly.

So don’t worry, it is not a big work. Start with full energy and you will be successful.

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