Painting of walls

A home is sweet when its walls give a proper shelter to every member living in it but the walls are not beautiful unless given a proper treatment, a treatment provided by right kind of paints. The days have gone while a mere whitewash was sufficient to protect walls and considered the ultimate cleaning of walls. Now the modern painting technology has brought about a new change to meaning of keeping walls look beautiful and alive. To utilize your walls best, you should provide shelves on walls especially in living and drawing room. Let us look at some easy ways to keep your walls lively and secured from tortures we try on these every day. 

It is not all about new trends and costly paints that helps your walls a better look but your innovative ideas to choose colors and paints, which provide an altogether different and fresh look to your house. The best way is go for shades, which make a good combination with your curtains, floors and furniture. You can give a different shade or use wallpapers on a particular wall with family photos to make it standout. I suggest using two hooks to hold photo frames and not one, which may not hold photo in right angles. If you crack or make bigger holes in the process of fixing hooks, use plaster of Paris or white paint to fill the gap to avoid further damage to your walls.

Keeping your walls clean

It is a complicated issue especially while small children playing ‘Picasso’ every day. They stain walls with their fingers, draw pictures, practice alphabets and whatnot. The best way of removing stains of oil, posters, stickers, dots, sellotape, etc is to use sponge or wet paper towel otherwise if you shall scratch your walls to remove stains, you will find another stain while trying to remove the original one. But for this particular stain removing technique, you should have your walls painted with waterproof, plastic paints. You can use even liquid soaps to remove stains from walls quoted with plastic/synthetic paints. I suggest latex polymer paint for best results. 

Keep your walls scratch free

Your walls experience scratches due to various reasons, which even cause bigger dents, to avoid these scratches, keep your furniture a few inches clear from the walls. Use of rubber bumpers can save your walls from scratches. You should keep your walls strong, only painting them is not enough. Keeping the walls scratch free would enhance their lives.    

Dust and web- the worst enemies of walls

To keep your walls safe from dust and spider webs as these attract more problems like lizards etc. Use of vacuum cleaner is right answer for such problems especially while you have small sized cleaners readily available in the market for specific uses at very low prices. Use of glossy paints, especially synthetic attract very low quantity of dust due to smoothness of surface also dusting and cleaning of these surfaces is comparatively easy.

How to remove posters etc

Most of use posters and wallpapers on our room walls but while trying to remove them scratch marks ruin the finish of walls so it is better to use paint roller wetting it with warm water on a poster or wall paper. By rolling it, twice the object would give way and wall would have no damage. You cane use vinegar mixed with water to remove such objects easily. The sellotapes used for the purpose of fixing posters make most damages to walls or even remove paint as well while trying to remove tapes. The best way to remove these tapes from the wall is use a hot iron for a while pressed on the tape, which would make tape give very easily and paint remains safe as well. 

Termite problem on walls

A common problem faced in many places is termite especially in houses in areas developed on agricultural lands although this problem can take place anywhere. It is advised to clean your walls well for termite before painting it and use anti termite chemicals with your painting material also use anti termite oil to treat your walls after a fresh paint.

Seepage is complex problem

Seepage may have different reasons especially in multi-storied buildings where any of the pipes of net of water pipes can leak causing water seepage. Therefore, it is better to check for water seepage and have it repaired before going for facelift for you walls. Clean all water related problems including moistures before giving a fresh quote of paint to your walls.

Be careful with your storeroom

The most difficult place to paint a room is your storeroom, which is generally filled with unusable items or scraps. A total mess of a place, no one takes proper to dispose off items from time to time also a place that can be a cause of germs and bacteria. It is advised to take proper care of this room and dispose of most useless items before giving it a fresh paint.

Proper care of walls before painting

Most wall painters who work on contract basis for painting jobs remain limited to walls only and clean stains from walls as part of their contract but once you see the finished result after the painting job is over you shall be surprised to note that there is much to be desired. Your doors, light switches, frame work of ventilators, washbasins etc still need cleaning even while the job is over. Therefore, it is wise to get every item worth cleaning cleaned before getting your walls painted.  

Blue and white is a great combination

While we are on the topic, I would like to give you a particular color combination that is trendy and in beg demand these days. And this is not about painting your house only but your entire interior. While you plan to paint your home you must keep your furniture, curtains, cushions, floors and other accessories in mind. Most interior decorators suggest going for a combination of blue and white as it is considered good for your mental peace also. Although every shade of blue combines well with white but if you go for specific shades for specific places according to its location, it would be more impressive. 

Dark Blue is good but for spacious bedroom

If you plan a dark blue and white combination for your bedroom, you should do it only if your bedroom is spacious enough, as a small sized bedroom would look smaller with darker shades. Keep your bed sheets and pillow covers in contrast colors to give your bedroom a royal look. A carpet with white and blue strips and would make your bedroom perfect.  

In the end

Colors are personal choices and may vary in cases of different persons therefore suggesting a color is not safe for his/her house or a particular room. However using these in combinations is a good way to show your taste and personality. If you wish to stand out in your locality, consult an expert to give your house a unique look. My final suggestion- never go for over experimenting while painting your home because the actual result may make you disappointed but that would be too late.  

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