It is of no use to decorate house if its not cleaned. One should have a clean house. It not only looks attractive but also is good for health. Also as its hygienic to have it clean as cleanliness kills all the germs which may be there on the floor or other part of the house. Germs may harm kids specially because they normally sit on the floor and walk on the floor barefoot so it may happen that they may get infected by the germs. There are few places and things in our houses which need frequent attention and should be cleaned on the regular basis. Few such places are mentioned below:

1. The toilets:

Toilet is the place where there the germs dwell and may multiply if these are not killed or in other words if the place is not appropriately cleaned on the regular basis germs/bacterias grow on and may infect us. Its the place where people don't want to go. One feel bad to clean toilets specially but here are few ways to clean it which may not be that much painful. Buy a liquid cleanser, a toilet brush and rubber or plastic gloves. Spray the cleanser inside and outside the toilet seat and let it remain there for few minutes so that it may work and kill all the germs on the seat. Then start scrubbing with the brush until you feel that it has cleaned the place.Flush many times to rinse the cleanser you shall definitely feel the difference. This you can do once in day. One should keep toilet clean and germ free as there are chance one get sick if these are not properly cleaned up on regular basis. One can use fresheners in the toilets so as to avoid bad smell inside.

2. Kitchen and bathroom floors:

Kitchens and bathroom floors have much of foot traffic so its natural that they need to be cleaned on regular basis. One should sweep/wipe floor many times a day. Once a week one can wash the floor with detergent so that if there is any sort of stains on the floors then can be washed off. Its better to keep an empty sink as a kitchen looks bad and unorganised if the sink remains full of unwashed vessels.Once a week one should remove all the things from the refrigerator and should clean it with soapy water. Keep things on their place and make your kitchen an organised kitchen.

3. Ceiling fans:

People normally neglect the ceiling fans but when you see it closely you would find that blades of fan get fully covered with the dirt which if not cleaned  frequently and spread in air when we switch on our fan. So one must clean the fans once in a while may be once in a month or so. One can dismantle it and can wash it by a cloth dipped in soapy water or one can dip blades in a soapy water and can wipe up these with a dry cloth. Or one can clean it without dismantling it too if one can reach to it. Similar is the case of exhaust fans,there blades too get dusty with the time and need proper cleaning periodically.

4. Kitchen and bathroom sinks:

Once in a week one should wash these sinks thoroughly with detergent water or any cleanser. One can use sponge to clean sinks or one can sprinkle detergent in the sink and fill the sink with hot water and then scrub it with the sponge. That would make the sink clean and bacteria free. These have to be cleaned properly once in a week as they are more prone to the germs and specially in kitchen we should always keep things hygienic.

5. Carpets:

Carpets trap lots of dust,dirt and bacteria from our shoes and its not that easy to clean them but vacuum cleaners have made it so easy to clean them. These if we don't clean regularly then these bacterias grow up and mix in air causing harm to us.One should clean them through vacuum cleaners once in a week. 

6 . Curtains:

Curtains too trap lots of dust and dirt so they need to be cleaned regularly. One can wash them in washing machine or can put them in tub mixed with some detergent and hot water. Keep it in the tub for few minutes and then rinse it with normal water.

7. Cabinets handles and door knobs:

We all touch these several times in a day so its obvious that these are loaded with germs and bacterias so one need to clean them regularly so that we may not get infected by the germs. One can use any cleanser to clean them.

8. kitchen and bathroom counter tops:

These need to be wiped with some cleanser on regular basis as these are more prone to attract germs which can make us sick. As we know kitchen is the place where we cook food so to have bacterias/germs there is not good for health one should keep kitchen hygienic. So its very important that we clean every thing in the kitchen regularly with some cleanser.

These are the few places which are normal place of germs and one must not ignore these places and should always keep them clean so that these germs may not infect us and make us ill. I know people may not find it difficult to do because these normally we do in our homes but still we must check the frequency of doing it like for toilets we must clean them once in a day with the cleanser similarly is kitchen area which we should ensure that every place there is germ free and that we can make only when we clean it on regular basis.


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