What are home appliances?

Home appliances are electrical or mechanical machines which are used in doing our house hold works like cleaning,washing and other things which we do at home.These can be classified in two categories:

* Major appliances

* Small appliances

Major appliances: These includes air conditioner,refrigerator,washing machine,microwave,oven,induction cookers. These perform major functions at our home.

Small appliances: These includes small appliances like TV sets,radio,camera,telephones,alarm clocks,heaters. These are actually the appliances which are not that much needed in our daily life and are small in size as well as function.

Here is the list of some of the home appliances which are essential in our life and can be effective to live life comfortably:

* Refrigerator:

A refrigerator commonly known as fridge is basically used to preserve eatables at low temperature to keep it for longer period. It consists of thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump which transfers heat from inside the fridge to the external environment so as to have inside temperature much lower than the atmospheric temperature. Keeping things at low temperature is the technique which is followed every where as rate of reproduction of bacterias decreases at low temperatures. A fridge can maintain a temperature few degrees above the freezing temperature of water. Even there is an arrangement to change temperature inside the refrigerator and one can set the temperature as per his/her desire. Refrigerator is one of the best invention which has made things easy for people to preserve things in better way.


* Sewing machine:

A sewing machine is machine used to stitch clothes with thread.Sewing machine was invented during the first industrial revolution before than all sewing was used to be done manually consuming lots of time and efforts. Modern sewing machines are designed in such a way that the cloth glides in to it and gets stitched when it passes to the needle and glides out of it. It has great use at homes as small sewing work can be done by this machine and one can avoid going to the tailor for small tailoring works. Now a days every one has it at their home. These days even the embroidery also can be done by specially designed sewing machines.

sewing mcn

* Mixer:

A mixer is a kitchen appliance which is used for mixing,grinding,beating and whipping food ingredients. Mixers are of two types hand mixers and stand mixers. Hand mixer as name clarifies is operated by hand for mixing things. This consists of a handle mounted on motor which drives beaters which remain immersed in food for mixing. the handle is held in one hand and beaters are immersed in food and motor is turned ON. Stand mixers are larger and have stronger motors. They have special bowls which are fixed generally on the motors in upward directions and the beaters are there on the bottom of inner surface of the bowl.


* Iron:

An iron is an appliance which is used to remove wrinkles from the clothes. With the heat and weight of iron surface the fibres are stretched and gets new shape when the cloth gets cool. Some of the cotton clothes require to use water to loosen the molecular bonds. Iron is normally used in almost every house. It can be electric or heated coals are used to operate it. Even now a days water is used in iron as steam effects the bonding of the clothing.


* Air conditioner:

Ac normally is used to make environment humidity free and extract heat from the area. AC equipment normally reduces humidity of the air processed,relatively cold evaporator coil condenses water vapours from the processed air.and the water is drained out. So air conditioner creates an artificial environment for us to live in. The temperature can be manually set as per our requirements.

* Microwave:

A microwave oven is an appliance used to heat food by using electricity. This works by using microwave radiations to heat polarized molecules in the food. This is commonly used in houses to heat food quickly and efficiently but unlike traditional ovens don't bake food. So to make it more effective some additional features area also added in the microwave so that they may also function like an oven too.


* Toaster:

The toaster is a small kitchen appliance used to toast bread products.A normal toaster is designed in between 600~1200W and toasts in 1~3 minutes. This is modern appliance and is used normally in all the houses these days.

* Television sets,radio,camera,DVDs,videos,Ice cream maker,Dish washers,Washing machine,ceiling fans,exhaust fans are also the appliance which are almost the necessity of people these days. The fact is we now have been so much dependent on these appliances that we have forgotten to do how to work without them I remember when there no mixers people used to have grinders where they used to grind food ingredients and how much time consuming that was and involve energy so with the invent of these appliances definitely our lives have become more comfortable than used to be in the past.

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