In most kitchens we have a variety of appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave oven, mixer-grinder, food processor etc. without which a housewife feels really disabled. Apart from making her job easy, these gadgets have made it possible for her to experiment and try out a wide range of cuisines in her kitchen. Now it is not surprising to see many housewives cooking a Mexican meal or a Spanish meal as well as she can cook a traditional Indian meal. Now one does not have to go to a fancy restaurant to eat specialty meals all the time, thanks to a range of appliances we have in our homes now!

These gadgets and appliances have made our lives quite stress-free in the kitchen at least, and also at the same time helps us save precious time and energy. Traditionally, Indian meals, be it from any part of the country involve a lot of grinding and other sorts of preparations that are time consuming. Invention of special appliances have reduced those hassles to a large extent, so much that cooking fancy meals frequently for the family, entertaining guests, throwing parties for children etc. have become very much bearable.

Most home appliances and specialized gadgets are built to last and are quite durable. Just a little care and a proper handling and usage will ensure they last longer and function to a full capacity. The better we understand them, the better they will function.

We are now used to having appliances like mixer-grinders, food processors, OTGs, microwave ovens etc. so much that they have already become an integral part of our lives. Besides these regular appliances, there are now many more smart and rather unusual gadgets that are now available in the market. They are a fun to use in the homes, especially when there are kids in the family. They are also a good gifting option for weddings and anniversaries etc. Some of these gadgets are:

Rice Cooker

This works on electricity and as the name suggests cooks rice well and not just rice but many many other dishes such as noodles, pasta, vegetables, etc. The beauty of this appliance is that it has a timer which makes it even more worthwhile to invest in. eg. If I have errands to run, I just put in all the ingredients for my meal together in the cooker, switch the plug on, and set the timer to about 20 minutes before my scheduled return home. The appliance goes to sleep and wakes up exactly at the time I have set it and embarks on its business. So when I come on time, I have a piping hot meal ready for me! Great, isn't it? Now similar to the rice cookers, there is an appliance now available called as steamer which is also used for cooking a number of dishes. It is supposed to double up as a sproutmaker too! A good option for those on high-protein diet and those who are intent on losing weight!

Waffle MakerSandwich Makers and Waffle Makers

Easy to use and the flexibility of making sandwiches with your own fillings makes this a good buy for your kitchen. Some sandwich makers with a single compartment can also help you cook pancakes, omelettes etc. with an interesting texture. You can also use this as an easy grill for cheeses, cottage cheese, marinated veggies etc.

Waffle makers are also easily available and you can make them in your own flavours and eat to your heart's content. Really an economic option as eating waffles outside is usually an expensive affair. Also, including your children in making waffles will prove to be a great bonding experience for you and them. Inviting your children's friends for a day of waffle making will also make them a happy lot, the best way to pass time during holidays than before a telly. Just prepare the dough and supervise the cooking, give them the option of a variety of fruits as toppings and all complaints of your child not eating healthy will vanish into thin air.

Ice-cream Maker and Snow Cone Maker

These are not really essential kitchen appliances but are the best to have some really good fun times with your children. Easy to use, you can hand them over to your children, supervised of course, and see them have a blast. An economical way to eay ice creams to your heart's content.

The snow cone maker can also be used to prepare a variety of snow cones, smoothies, milk shakes and slushes.

Salad Shooter

Another fun gadget to spare your from the excuse of not eating healthy. A fun and cool way to cut vegetables in a jiffy for a healthy salad, this is a good gifting option too. This gadget is helpful for shredding, chopping and grating large quantities of vegetables for salads, pizzas, noodles etc. Its compact design also makes it easy to store.

Potato Ricer

A good gadget for mashing potatoes, it can also strain tomatoes. Besides this, you can use this too mash and strain cooked vegetables for healthy soups.

Cookie Press

With this cool gadget, you can make your own cookies, even low-fat healthy ones in several sizes and shapes for your children's party.

Coffee and Spice Grinder

You can grind your own coffee beans and enjoy a delightfull aromatic cup of coffee. This is also designed to grind nuts and spices.



Some other specialty gadgets are digital cooking thermometer to check the temperatures of whole roasts of chicken or fish etc. while cooking in the oven. It can also be used to check temperatures of water, milk etc. while preparing dough for baking bread. Electric knife that cuts whole roasts and turkeys, can be used to cut breads as well. Both these gadgets are a must in your kitchen if you cook a lot of non-veg and baked stuff.

Factors to be Considered While Buying These Gadgets

There are many more such appliances and gadgets that are storming the market. You should consider a lot of factors before you buy them. First of which, of course, is whether it is financially wise to buy it or not. Then you also have to consider the fact if you have proper storage space and facilities in your home. Since many of us do not have big kitchens, storage space is premium and keeping them in open on countertops is not wise. Such improper storage may take its toll and the gadget might get ruined. Also consider its usefulness, whether you do a lot of entertaining so it can be used often, or else it will simply get thrown to a far corner in your cupboard. Consider the number of ways that you can use a single gadget. A gadget that can be used in more ways than one is a better option to consider.

When buying such gadgets, also check how easy it is to disassemble the parts for easy cleaning and whether it is easy to put together again after cleaning. The plastic coating should be firm and sturdy otherwise the parts might break in just a few uses. For appliances that consists of blades, the blades should be made of good quality stainless steel and not iron which might easily rust and make it unhygienic to use.

Last but not least is the manufacturer's warranty. Never buy any gadget or appliance that does not come with a warranty, because if it breaks down soon, you will have to deal with a lot of headache and hassles to get it repaired otherwise.

So get these appliances in your home and entertain in style!

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