Homosexuality can either be seen as natural or unnatural activity. If you consider an intercourse just as a mean to reproduce, then homosexuality is certainly unnatural because a male/male or female/female intercourse would not lead to reproduction.

However, if it is seen as a behavior to satisfy, then certainly it qualifies as being natural because different people have different behavior. Scientists have already discovered that many animals like humans use it for satisfaction. So it is safe to say that it is between being natural and unnatural. I'm straight guy but personally I don’t find anything wrong among gays, who are we to decide what is wrong and what is right?

Homosexuality is called unnatural since the only intent of introducing the concept of sex is for reproduction and homosexuality surely doesn’t support that. This is, I say, stated within scientific barriers and hence true when u look at it in that light.

But how many of us today will say that we will have sex only when we want a child?

So what we need to look at it as sex being something used for bonding and expressing love too.

I am a straight guy myself for all straight men out there tell me why do u like a girl?

This seemingly simple question has no simple answer since the reasons are innumerable and by what we call social living we have been brought up to be in the "majority" that falls for a person from the opposite sex.

But does it mean that there cannot be any possibility for the thing to go on a different route?

Due to some conditions say soldiers being away from society for month’s altogether or psychological makeup. some people tend to like/love people from the same gender.

We just need to keep this in mind and behave properly with people who say that they are not straight. I don’t mean to say that we should support homosexuality. For me I am a scientific thinker and in my own ideology homosexuality is an unnatural thing.



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