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Electricity is not a thing to play with.

Accident is an unexpected event that causes injury or death. Many people worry about the sickness of their children but give little thought to accidents. They forget that accidents kill more children than all the other causes combined.

Accidents in the home cause many deaths as road accidents. Anybody can have a home accident, although most victims of such accidents are children or old people. More boys than girls have home accidents because boys are the naughtier lot.


In house

There can be many other causes of home accidents. People often fall when they try to reach high shelves, using a chair instead of a step-ladder. Babies fall from high chairs or prams if they have not properly fasted in. children fall from windows which have no grille. Polished and slippery floors can also cause accidents. Accidents can also happen when people become careless or thoughtless. Some times they leave a cup of hot tea on a low table where a child can reach it. They leave knives and forks at places where children can fiddle with them, and cut their fingers. They leave the flex of an electric kettle hanging where a toddler can pull it. All these acts of carelessness can result in serious accidents.



Electrical appliances, if used with care, can help to make our household jobs much easier. They can also help to make our lives pleasant and comfortable. But people often forget that electricity cannot be seen, and it has tremendous power. There can be serious accidents when you touch electric switches with wet hands. Your hands must always be dry when you are handling an electrical device. Never fiddle with electrical appliances.



Many fires in the home are caused by people who smoke. They leave cigarettes burning on a table or chair and forget about them. They throw burning cigarette ends about carelessly. They drop matches which are still burning. Such carelessness sometimes results in terrible fire accidents. Many a time children play with matches and set fire to the things around them.



Medicines must be kept in a medicine cabinet out of children’s reach. Children love to imitate their elders, but their imitation in the matter of medicines can prove very dangerous. Many products used in the home can cause poisoning accidents. Liquids such as kerosene, turpentine, thinners and phenol should be kept in safe corner where they cannot be reached by small children. Soft drink bottles should never poisonous liquids. Children can take one for a cola and drink it.


Road cross

The danger of road accidents has increased in modern times. Life becomes very fast and the number of motor vehicles is increasing day by day. Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Speeding is one of the major causes of road accidents.

Every road-user should follow the rules of the road. Pedestrians, bicycle-riders, rickshaw-pullers and vehicle drivers- all must have a knowledge of these rules and obey them. Pedestrians can also cause accidents while crossing a road carelessly or by their jay-walking. Most school-going children have a bicycle for use, but very often they behave irresponsibly on the road. A careless bicycle rider can cause as big an accident as careless motor –driver. Always keep your bicycle in good running order. It should have a bell for warning purposes. If it is to be used after dark, it should have a light that works. It should also have rear reflectors that can be seen from a distance by a car or lorry driver. The brakes should be in good condition so that you can stop the bicycle easily with in a few feet.


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