Last Sunday I happened to read the Novel "Treasure Island" by R.L.stevenson.This was the first time t read an unabridged English Novel.But,i found no difficulty in reading it.The story moved so fast that i got engrossed in it.
The story was indeed very exciting.Jim Hawkins gets by chance the chart that shows the location of Flint's Treasure.the squire and the Doctor recruit a crew and sail to the Treasure Island.Jim also accompanies them.Soon Jim overhears a terrible secret.He learns that the crew consists of notorious pirates.Silver is the ring leader of the buccaneers.
Jim conveys this secret to the Doctor.There is no means of retreat.The Doctor decides to forestall the attempt of the pirates.The faithful party launches a surprise attack.Many are killed.The treasure is stowed home at last.Jim is rewarded generously for his bravery.
This story is full of thrill and suspense.The murders,plots and counter plots make the reader's heart shudder.The hair raising incidents add colour and flavour to the story.ven today the thought of the one legged silver and the hooting of his parrot haunt me.This is one of the best novels i have ever read.

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