Friendship day

Friend! You are a good friend, very sweet in the friendship and happier in the best friendship.

Friend! gives your hand to your friend to co-operative with him.

``Tell me about your friends and I shall tell you about yourself’. This may be a statement of one who knows the world. One‘s real nature and character can be understood by the company one keeps. The converse may also be standing to prove the point. We can understand the character of people not only through examination the type of friends they have but also by the manner in which they avoid certain types of people. A good man shuns the company of the wicked. When one keeps away from the company of people who are known for their vice or even some type of waywardness, it is possible to know of one’s real nature. When a person keeps at a distance from people in undesirable activities it is possible to understand such a person’s real character.

Flattery is an art that many practice to- day to get into the good books of others. The desire for a good position in life makes many people praise others, even when they do not really believe the other deserves praise. Selfishness makes them hide their real opinions. Hence, when our friends are praise or flatter who are acknowledging enemies will never try to flatter us. On the other hand, they will be intent on pointing out our defects. We may be unhappy, displeased or even angry at their attitude. But when we think calmly over their words we will be able to realize that there is much truth in their statements. We realize also that what our friends do is they hide our faults. So our enemies can be our best friends in the sense that they make us understand what we really are.

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