Swami Vivekananda had gone to Chicago in U.S.A to attend the world Parliament of Religions as representative of India. With his lovable, gentle, expressive face, attentive eyes, and broad forehead which had turned more attractive on account of the saffron turban on his large,shapely head, he rose and walked to the forum for rendering his speech. The whole gathering was fascinated by his humility and faith. He addressed the assembly as " Brothers and Sisters" instead of the usual " Ladies and Gentlemen". There followed a standing ovation for full two minutes. They clapped with gusto.


                                    The Memorial Art Palace,Chicago, where Vivekananda delivered his historic speeches

                      In his well - worded speech, Vivekananda said, " I am from an ancient country where all religions are sacred and all prophets are messengers of God. Though the people of my land are poor, yet they are rich spiritually." He explained his points by means of examples. he said, " Lord Krishna was sought by everybody in and around his native place, Gokul. He played upon flute. The notes of this instrument were so captivating that Gopis left their chores and rushed to sit near Krishna and listen with full attention. At this, one gentelman stood up and began to say, " This is not believable. Flute is a very common instrument. It is not capable of producing such charming result and Krishna was an ordinary cow - tender".

                     Vivekananda kept his cool. he made no effort to argue. After a lapse of some minutes, he stepped down from the stage and rushed out of the hall. Many people rose from their seats and ran out. They pursued the saint. Some persons shouted: "Please  return, complete your lecture".

                 Vivekananda smiled and returned to the hall. As he stood at the forum, they clapped and uttered, " Thank you, now resume your speech." The saint said, " My point is proved now. When, I, an ordinary monk can influence you, Krishna, an incarnation of God, could have certainly charmed people with his heavenly music and sweet words." The gathering was spellbound. They clapped, more furiously, this time.

             This story thus proves that great people display greatness by their acts.  

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