indian beggar

"Recession-proof Beggars

Recession that is prevailing for nearly twenty months has affected industries right from Aviation to Mining.Only one segment seem to be uneffected - the beggars.

It will not be surprising to see that we find beggars everywhere,at the base of the malls,traffic signals,churches,temples,etc. They have no qualms of what should be worn or whom to please,they even have no fear on 'losing' their jobs!

We see all kinds of Management principles and tricks in them.Their business is simple,they require skills and not talent,torn clothes, crumpled plate or bowl and ruffed hairstyle,decent enough to make one look like a 'professional'. They do a little segmenting on the market and research on which areas have booming 'customers' and what appropriate time they will be helped.They have no tensions of paying taxes or salaries to anyone. They have access to free food and water,courtesy the municipal authorities and sympethising ongoers.

They are trained to stay alert and focused- they donot leave any customer unless they are paid.They invent tactics and plans to convey the customer to pay. Here the customers dutifully refers to the onlookers,pedestrains and the comman man. We may be worried of these beggars,but they donot worry anything else other than them.

The kids of these beggars enjoy a lot of previlage of playing and being with their parents.Parents of this generation are working even overtime to make ends meet,such that they donot spend their time with their kids.Children of this generation are burdened to study a lot and play less. These beggar parents teach their kids and play with them.I have personally seen beggar families happier than many of us!

I have read articles wherein the beggars were put inĀ  beggar sheltered homes and NGO; but these people were not well adjusted to the new facilities,hence many of them broke loose.The reason quoted was,even if these beggars become like anyone of us,companies will not hire them due to the fact that they were beggars.It is hard for a beggar to give up on his profession-they have nothing to worry nor anything to fear!

Two years back,I used to visit a bus terminal to board a bus to a particular place,where I saw this crippled beggar.I donated Rs 5 seeing his patethic condition and I totally forgot about it.Just recently I had been to the same bus terminal and was surprised to find the same crippled beggar.I thought these two years must have been sufficient to replace the crippled part,but he did not change anything and probably he earned more than he used to earn before;due to the sympathising factor.

Unlike the various industries,I have not seen any downfall in the beggars business,nor any dwindling population.There is a saying,"teach the person to fish,he will learn it forever".If we teach these beggars how to live a normal life,then Things will change.If we compel ourselves to bring out change in them,we may not be succeeded.

Friends,be careful of your actions from the beggars,just leave them to fate.Let us all strive hard to achive a good beggar-less community

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