This is a story that gives an insight into the human tendency of believing what others say and get into deep trouble.

Once there lived a man in a village who ran a bake shop. His shop was the busiest shop in that area. People from nearby places comes to buy food stuff from his bake shop. His shop had a good ambience. He has employed 3 sales person for the main shop, 3 people for the production unit and 2 delivery boys. Day to day his business increased and he was very much in profit.

A few months later his son came from abroad after completing his Management studies. The man was very happy because he thought of handing over his business to his educated son whom he felt can better run the business. After two days he took his son to the shop to show him how his business is progressing and also to show how his production unit is preparing the cakes and other food stuffs.

Son used to come daily to the bake shop. One day he asked his father “Dad haven’t you heard of recession?”.

Man replied “Recession what is that. I have not yet heard of it”

Son explained “Dad world is going through a tough scenario where in most of the renowned organizations are closing down, banks become bankrupt, affected employment of lacs of people. We’re also going to be affected by that soon”.

The poor uneducated man was very curious and told “son, you’ve done very high end education. You know how to handle things better in these situations. Please go ahead and show your talent and get rid of this fearful thing”

Next day onwards son started his reforms in bake shop. He cut short 3 sales people to 1, 3 men in production unit to 1 and 2 delivery boys to 1. He removed air conditioner from the bake shop, changed all glossy lights to faded ones. Also he increased the cost of food stuff.

The response to these changes was evident in coming days. People started to stop shopping from his bake. There are no bulk orders and party orders and very soon the bake shop was in a position of close down. The shop was in heavy loss. After few more days the man and his son were the only human beings in that shop. The rich man is now a bankrupt and his family condition is in a poor state.

Moral of the Story: It's all in your MIND! And we actually FUEL this recession much more than we think.

I think one needs to be realistic, do the best possible that one is expected to do and accept what one receives and enjoy that fruit.

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