Exploring Hawaii Islands



People, Tradition and Culture

If you visit those islands of beauty you will be greeted, welcomed and offered with their traditional beautiful flowers called Lei. You will say “Aloha” to greet them. Can you guess this beautiful culture? Did you say “Hawaiian”, yes? You are correct. It’s the Hawaiian Lei custom, a welcomed celebration to show one’s affection to others. The “Leis” are made up of beautiful flowers, shells, leaves and feathers and as an acceptance of their affection; people wear them over their shoulders. The two official languages of Hawaiian are English and Hawaiian.  Hawaiian Islands are known for their culture and the popular cultures are Luaus and Hula. The Hawaiian Folk music and dance are traditional and popular.  

What are the Hawaiian Islands?

 Hawaiian Islands have a chain of eight major islands known as Hawaii, Maui, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai, Nihau and it consists of several islets and atolls. The islands were formed by the volcanic activities of the great undersea volcano called Hawaiian – Emperor Seamount chain. Hawaii Island is the biggest island which was formed with five volcanoes, 2.5 miles above the sea levels. 


Nature of the Island

Hawaiian Islands are often affected by Earth Quakes and Tsunami. Due to its geological characteristics, Earth quakes are caused by the volcano activities and up to 4-5 activities are there, per year. Tsunamis are caused by the earth quakes in the Pacific region. The average temperature of Hawaii Islands is 75º F- 85º F. Summer time is between April and November. 


Hawaii Tourism

People all over the world come to Hawaii throughout the year to enjoy this nature’s beautiful land and environment. Whale watching, walking on Volcano, the beaches, surfing, kayaks are the best attraction of Hawaii Tourism. The USS Arizona National Memorial, Waikiki of Oahu, Haleakala National Park, Waimea Canyon, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, and Kula Kai Cavens are some of the other tourist attractions of these beautiful islands.  Neighbor islands of Hawaii are the best places for tourists who wish to experience the peaceful environment and to relax in the sandy beaches. Locally made Hawaiian products like shampoos, lotions, oils, soaps, etc are the popular “Hawaiian Gifts” to buy.

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