Koh Lan is famous coral island in Thailand. It is 7 kms away from Pattaya City. Koh Lan is very attractive tourist spot. Every year millions of tourists visit this island and spend their holidays with lots of fun and joy. Koh Lan is famous for parasailing, under water diving, snorkelling, scuba and massage. Its fine white sand attracts a lot. People bath in sea and relax for a while under the umbrella. Koh Lan is island which is rich in marine animals. People mainly live on sea food. This island is mostly known for sun-bath and massage. Thai massage is an ancient theraphy for mental and body relaxation. It regulates proper blood circulation in the body. Koh Lan came into existence after 1960 A.D. when few americans discovered Pattaya city. These americans came to Thailand for purpose of research and discovery. They found Pattaya to be an attractive tourist's place for spending holidays. Later, they discovered coral island in Indian Ocean which was just few kilometers away from Pattaya. That's how, Koh Lan was discovered and it came into existence. When we talk about Koh Lan, Pattaya city automatically comes with it. Pattaya was a small village. The main occupation of villagers was fishing. Presently, it has been developed into city where population is more than 1 million. It is governed by a Mayor. Pattaya has wonderful hotels, superb dining, water sports, elephant riding, aerial sports, cabarets, fishing and shooting firearms. Pattaya's cabaret dance "The Alcazar Show" is famous all over the world. Rather than this, Pattaya is also known for its famous thai food and drinks. Many peddalers cook fish on road sides and earn their living. Pattaya city is city of joy. Koh Lan is heart of the city. Other than Koh Lan,there are hundreds of islands in Thailand. However, Koh Lan is mostly preferred by children.  

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