Maldives is an enchanting island paradise comprising of more than 1190 small islands. Out of these only 200 are inhabited by humans. Maldives has a rich marine life which makes it a 'must see' destination for each and every person interested in marine life. These groups of coral islands create a magnificent landscape which is only seen in dreams.

There are a lot of activities which can be experienced in Maldives, 10 of the best are as –

1) Visit to Male – Male is the capital of Maldives and has the highest population of the state. It is 1.77 sq.kms and has a lot of tourist attractions including historical museum of Maldives and the various monuments. Try to indulge in the local fish market or the fruits market in Male. Then there is the firewood market to have a look at. Another great attraction is the Masjid-al-sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-Al-Azzam which boasts of a capacity of 5000 worshippers at a time. The pristine beach at Male is a perfect spot to spend your evenings for a stroll.

2) Beaches – The beaches of Maldives are one of the best in the world and one can just laze out in any of them, have a sunbath with the wind slowly caressing you body. These virgin beaches have white sand and clear water with equally beautiful landscapes. The famous beaches can be named are Cocoa Island, Nikka and Banyan Tree islands. They are a photographer's dream with their astonishing landscapes.

3) Water Sports - There are various water sports that one can enjoy for a trip to Maldives. These may include windsurfing, catamaran rides, speed boating or water skiing and of course the main attraction in water sport, Scuba diving and snorkeling.

4) Snorkeling - Snorkeling is one of the most favorite water sports in Maldives and every tourist who visits Maldives goes for a snorkeling experience. There are various resorts which arrange for snorkeling trips for their visitors and also rent out the equipments necessary for the trip. Maldives offer a wide and beautiful underwater world which consists of an array of colorful fishes and coral reefs.

5) Fishing – Fishing is the main occupation of the inhabitants of Maldives and it is now becoming a very popular activity among tourists. People who love fishing can embark on a fishing expedition arranged by the resort or the local fishermen. The main fishes found are tuna, groupers, barracudas, sailfish and marlin, among others.

6) Submarine Diving – This is another activity conducted by Maldives which attract a number of tourists. For this, one has to board the 'Whale Submarine' which then goes below the water at a depth of 150 metres. Here, one can see the rich treasures of underwater life of Maldives which includes whale shark, giant grouper, reef sharks and many kinds of turtles among others. There are a number of colorful fishes to watch. This trip is absolutely safe and the submarine has a capacity of 50 persons.

7) Night Diving – Night scuba diving is another experience that Maldives has to offer to enthusiastic tourists. If one has previous experience of scuba diving, then this is a very enthralling experience for them. Night safaris are organized by various resorts and one can enjoy the silent and clear waters in starry moonlight. This is truly an out of world experience. Many of the fishes that you don't see in daylight can be seen in the dark. These may include the mantas, clown triggerfish, leaf fish and grey reef sharks.

8) Underwater Photography – If you are a photography enthusiastic, Maldives offer the underwater photography experience to you. Underwater cameras are rented out by different resorts for their visitors as well as lectures are arranged on how to use these cameras. Even trips are arranged for this particular activity where one can get really magnificent photographs under the water.

9) Cruises – Local cruises are available in Maldives to explore the various islands of the state. These cruises are consists of various other activities like snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving. All the ships are very comfortable and have air-conditioned cabins with local cuisine.

10) Cuisine – The trip to Maldives is not complete without tasting the local cuisine and Maldives offer a variety of these cuisines. Fish lovers are given a treat and one can have a number of recipes like tuna, barracudas or trevallies. These recipes are prepared in local spices which have an array of flavors from sweet, mild to spicy. Local fruits also make up a large part of the Maldivian food.

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