Top famous lakes in India

India is famous for its beautiful lakes and rivers dispersed from east to west and north to south. Indian lakes can be categorised as man made or natural lakes. Most of lakes contains fresh water like Dal lake and Sasthamkotta lake. Here lets have a view on the famous lakes in India.

wular lakeWular Lake: Wular lake is situated in Jammu and is the largest lake in India and counted in largest lakes of Asia. Its green and clean water gives life to submarine life, birds and animals. This lake is also a good source of earning for people live on the banks of lake. Bodies of dead people are disposed in this lake which are assumed to be washed by its water.

Loktaklake 11072Loktak Lake:Loktak lake is situated in Manipur is one of the freshwater and largest lakes in India. It is also known as floating lake as floating lake as we can see several floating phumdis on its surface. It is the most economical lake in Manipur as it is an important hydro power generation, drinking water and irrigation source in Manipur.

Damdama-LakeDamdama Lake: Damdama lake is the largest lake in Haryana and the famous recreational superscription of Delhi. People prefer it as perfect getaway in holidays. It is situated near Aravalli hills which is an ideal place foe rock climbing and Bungee jumping.

dallake1-imgDal Lake: Dal lake enhances the beauty of Kashmir or can say Kashmir is known for the beauty of Dal lake. Natural charming scenes and waterbodies present an exclusive view of this lake and delight the mind. Houseboats can be hired to spend a wonderful day and serene night in the lap of Dal lake.

Pichola LakePichola Lake: Pichkola lake is afamous freshwater lake situated in Udaipur , Rajashtan. It is an artificical lake and offers divine natural scenes to its visitors. Udaipur has a couple of lakes like Jiyan Sagar, Udai Sagar Lake and Gurudongmar Lake.

chilkaChilka Lake: Chikla lake is a saline water lake situated in Orissa and commonly called Chilka is the largest saline lagoon in continent. It is a charming habitat of migratory birds and offer scenes of colourful migratory birds.


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