Long ago, a scientist went to a rainy island to conduct some experiments. In doing so, he employed the services of the native tribal. He gifted the tribal raincoats to protect them from rains. The illiterate and ignorant tribal did not know what raincoats were used for. They preserved the raincoats when it started raining, and proudly put them on and flaunted them when the weather was clear.

 These tribal did not know how to use the gift provide to them. But many a time it happens that people know how to make use of gifts but they use them; or rather misuse them in wrong ways. This is also called abuse.

 The dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in order to break rocks, dig tunnels, and oil wells and reduce the physical exertion of the workers. Noble became very famous for this wonderful discovery. But soon people started misusing it in wars, causing death and destruction all over.

 One morning when noble opened the newspaper, he was horrified to read his name in the obituary column. By mistake, the newspaper had reported the death of the wrong person. Nevertheless, Noble regained his composure and continued to read. He wanted to find out what people had said about him.

 To his shock, he read `The king of dynamite is dead,’ `The merchant of death is no more.’ noble felt very quality that this is how he was going to be remembered. He was also pained that his gift was being misused, because he had actually invented it to help mankind.

 Nobel had earned a lot of money by selling dynamite. When he died in 1896, he left behind 90, 00, 000 dollars, along with a will indicating that the interest on this money should be given as prizes to persons for their outstanding contributions to physics, chemistry, literature, medicine, peace and economics. This prize is the famous Noble Prize.

 Atomic energy is another gift, which can be used to do wonders for mankind. It can be used to generate electricity, cure dieses like cancer, etc. but by using it to make atom bombs, this blessing is being turned into a curse.

 *We must make the right use of gifts.


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