We are proudly counting the days as for the holy country India we are expecting our 'proud to be of' day that is the day we got INDEPENDENCE. Yes......I'm really proud to be an Indian, as well you are and we I'd like to do some lecture about our HOLY day.

Well....everyone know that we got Independence on August 15,1947. Indians celebrate their Independence Day on the 15th of every August. It is public holiday all over add more.....August 15 is the  Day that none in India would ever hate or even try to reject it. Since I'm from Tamilnadu and I've had such wonderful and exciting stories happened on August 15 during my school days.......well actually I miss my school...I'll explain it to you all.

So when I was in sixth standard thats when I got shifted to N.G.R school actually it was the day I came to know about India, the country I'm living in. The day before August 15th we asked to come to school tomorrow exactly at 8:00 A.M, so we could come and decorate our school and our classes. Lots of interesting things happened on that day, when my class repesentative popped a balloon filled with cut papers on my social studies subject teachers she got a little bit scared and then we all laughed suddenly, as it was the August 15 we were allowed more independence. And I also remember the drawing I drew on the board, it really was funny, just imagine a man kicking a football whose hair style is like Superman's with S hair sliding on the front of his four was real funny.....but my classmates and teachers appreciated me for what I've done....

Then it was time to start the prayer we all were assembled and the chief guest arrived......the flag was hoisted and we all saluted honourably as when "Jana Gana Mana" our national anthem was telecasted in the loud speaker. Then the chief guest gave a little lecture about our country and how it got freedom and he wanted us to be a trust worthy citizen then some SWEETS were distributed.

And then the teachers told us to go home and return that same evening for some cultural events. Huhmmmmm........It makes me cry when i think of the earlier days.......then that day we really enjoyed a lot


R.Rajkumar( now a college guy)

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