God is one


All of us need someone to care for us. As babies we needed our mothers. As we grow up our parents and teachers guide and protect us. We feel safe and secure when we are with them. Belief in God too can give us a warm feeling of security because he is constantly watching over us. Thinking about God can give us emotional, spiritual and intellectual strength. We do not have to go anywhere special to think about him because God is every where. He is within us as well as around us. While it is enjoyable to go on pilgrimages, you really do not have to go to anywhere in order to be with God. Attachment to God and love for him is called devotion. We can show our devotion to God in many ways.


Pointing towards God

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a very wise man. Once he decided to undertake a long trek to a temple. Many miles before reaching there, he is asleep with his feet pointing towards the temple. Someone ran up to him, ``how dare you turn your feet towards the house of god’’. Guru Nanak sleepily said, ``I’ve been traveling for many days and can hardly stand. Kindly turn my feet in the direction where God is not present’’. The man had nothing to say. Consider another incident.


In south India stands the hill of Arunachala. It is one of the oldest geological spots on the subcontinent and is sacred to lord Shiva. It was here that Shri Ramana Maharhsi, one of modern India’s greatest sages, set up has ashram.

Pilgrims to Tiruvannamalai walk around the hill of Arunachala as an act of devotion. This walk is called the giri pradakshina. Anyone who completes this walk is believed to have walked around lord Shiva.

One day, a devotee wanted to accompany a few others even they were preparing to walk around the hill but he was tired. So he quickly went around Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi.

``why are you going around me?’’ asked Ramana Maharshi.

``I cannot walk around the hill, but walking around you is same,’’ replied the devotee.

``Go around yourself’’, said Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi smiling ``That will be atma- pradakshina’’.





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