Struggles have been part and parcel of the life of individuals as of nations. With out struggles nothing can be achieved. Struggles may be for economic development; for social progress; for spiritual greatness; for physical power. But greater than this entire struggle is the struggle for freedom. History has shown much evidence of the many struggles and actions waged to win political freedom. Great souls like Gandhi and Martin Luther king and all religious leaders waged an incessant war against ignorance and for the freedom of the soul. Wars –both bloody and bloodless –have been fought for political emancipation. Those who have made great sacrifices have won immortality because they did not seek an end beyond the winning of freedom. They considered freedom as an end in itself.

Freedom has its own reward. Even to-day there is many in our country that refuses to accept pension. They argue that when they fought for freedom in illustrious company they never thought of pensions or any other materials reward. Freedom to them was every thing, an end in itself. This amply proves that an act selfless sacrifice seeks no external reward or gain.

Freedom may be classified as freedom of the individual and the nation of which the individual is a part, and spiritual freedom. Freedom and sacrifice are almost synonymous in their significance. There are many achievements that have left their foot prints on the sands of time. Florence Nightingale fought for freedom for women from disease and dirt. Martin Luther fought for the emancipation of the souls of the Negro Gandhi strove for the uplift of the Harijans. It is said that they did not look beyond this ideal of winning freedom for such unfortunate people.

This view cannot be true; it is not acceptable. If freedom should be an end in itself, there cannot be any progress. Normally freedom is accompanied by an initial period of confusion and chaos. If freedom is an end in itself, it will mean that the great people sacrificed their all only to perpetuate chaos. In reality freedom should be followed up with constructive work for the rehabilitation of the unfortunate. Freedom won must be safe guarded. It has to look forward. It has to look forward to something beyond itself, to something that would make living worthwhile. Freedom is only a means to something more valuable. It will have a real weight and value only if it paves the way for a good life for posterity. Hence, it is not an end in itself.

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