Today's world is regarded as science age. Science is related to each and every field associated with us. It has totally changed our lives. The things which were considered impossible by us, were made possible by science. The aspects in which we would not believe, science with it experiments stabilized our belief in them. Science has proved to be beneficial to us in many fields and many aspects of our lives. It has provided us with modern amenities and lots of facilities.

Invention Of Science: James Watt was the one who first discovered power of steam. He invented steam engine. After this invention, age of modern science began. After the invention of steam engine, lots of inventions and discoveries were made. Science presented to us lots of facilities which ranged from traveling in the sea, reaching the depth of the ocean to landing on the moon and other planets. It has enabled man to travel like a bird. Jets help man to cover miles of distance in no time. To enable comfort while traveling vehicles like buses, ships, cars have been invented.

Electrical Appliances: Electricity is considered to be the best invention of science. In actual terms, electricity should be the other name or synonym of science. In each and every field to fulfill each and every requirements electrical appliances are helpful. Such conditions have arrived when these electrical appliances are available right from our kitchen room to our fields. Electricity provides us with light. Our homes, markets etc..... are well lit-up. It provides appliances which are helpful to cook our foods, wash our clothes, gives cooling effect by getting rid of heat with the help of fan, air conditioners, coolers. Radio, television, trains all run with the help of electricity. Factories require electrical energy and its production depend mainly on it.

In The Field Of Communication: Science has enabled us to send messages through different modes like trains, ships, posts, radio, telephone and internet. These facilities do not make us feel lonely and the feeling that our loved ones are far away never arises. Through the medium of television we can watch all the activities no matter in which part of the world has been carried out. Internet enables us to gain immense knowledge no matter in which field we are interested in. Few years back no one could even think that through television and internet we could watch live matches been played in far venues like England, Australia, America and many other countries.

In The Field Of Medicine And Surgery: With the involvement of science, both in the fields of medicine and surgery immense development is seen. All the diseases and infections could be treated no matter whether they are of easily spreadable type, common or of rare varieties. Even syndromes like AIDS also would be cured in the forthcoming years as sufficient research is been made in this field. Surgery of each and every part of the body could be done today. Blinds could be gifted with eye sight. With the surgery of heart, doctor gifts new life to the patient. Handicapped individuals with the help of implants can carry out their daily chores without any problem. If the kidneys have become disease prone or if their is a kidney failure, kidney transplants could be done or even patient can live on dialysis.

In The Field Of Agriculture: Science has helped us greatly in the field of agriculture. To help cultivate the field, to cut the crops and to carry out many more field related tasks science has provides us with many agricultural machines. With the help of this field related appliances farmers need to do less manual work comparatively. Not only this, science has made available lots of pesticides and fungicides which prevent crops from being damaged by insects. Varieties of fertilizers help in the rapid growth of yield. As a result, our agriculture is improving in terms of economy and progress. Development is seen day by day.

In The Field Of Education: Science with the modern facilities of printing has enabled education to spread widely. Through television and radio, thousands of people are getting educated especially those living in remote areas. Internet is the new mode of imparting education and has proved to be the best until now.

In The Field Of Entertainment: Science has made available many modes of entertainment. Among them are radio, television, tape recorder, c.d. player, cinema etc..... With the help of these modes of entertainment, we get entertained, helps to reduce our stress and our life doesn't seem burden to us.

Nuclear Power: Nuclear power is used in many constructive fields. It serves as a weapon to us in times of wars and is a protective measure to us. In the field of surgery it has proved to be very beneficial.

Science has helped us in each and every field and walk of our lives. We cannot imagine our lives without all these modern facilities and comfort. These amenities of comforts are all provided to us by science. Scientists and others on daily basis are inventing and discovering new things which can still help us in improvement, and to make our lives still better. Prosperity of an individual and in turn country's development are all dependent on science.

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