In today's world environment pollution is  a serious problem faced by living beings. Due to excess growth in modern science as well as modernization in thoughts, ill effects has been seen on our environment. Not only it's been polluted, it has become toxic badly. It's not only food and water, even the most important entity essential for our lives that is air is also been badly contaminated and has become disease prone. All these things have put not only man's life but also every living beings life at stake.

Not only growth in wastes, effluents and poisonous gases coming out of industries, explosion of bombs, atomic explosion of nuclear weapons are responsible for environmental pollution, but also deforestation plays an important role in worsening the situation. Due o population explosion as well as modernization man is destroying forests. Trees are used for making furniture and their use in the form of fuel has been increased to such a great extent that it has created an imbalance in nature. Due to destruction of forests on one hand there is increase in land usage and air pollution and on other hand there is destruction of natural medicinal reserves. Forests supply most essential entity necessary for living, that is oxygen. Apart from this, they also play an important role in rainfall. This is a reason that in our country India nature is worshiped. Also few trees are given a special sacred place in our society and worshiped in a similar manner as Gods are worshiped in their temples. Trees are considered of religious importance. Among them neem, peepal, banyan, gooseberry, mango and basil have secured a special place. They are also important as they purify the environment.


Our country India long time ago itself had discovered the strength and ability of Neem to make a person disease free. Our ancestors used to believe that Gods settle in neem and therefore used to worship neem trees with the name of 'Sheetala Devi'. This is because they used to believe that neem is of sheetal nature. Sheetal means calm. It is so called as it gives calamine effect. It is disease killer and also filters and purifies air and keep the environment disease tree. Soft twigs of neem is used to brush the teeth. Woods of neem trees, branches, fruits, flowers etc..... also are important and are of great medicinal importance. It also helps to increase rainfall. Wherever there is neem plantation, there is good rainfall along with pollution free environment.


Great personalities and kind nature is being respected since age old time. Peepal has got greater capability to turn polluted carbon dioxide into pure oxygen. Due to its his kind nature to emit oxygen in large quantities which can be compared to nectar it is worshiped like a God. Under peepal tree all kinds of rituals are performed as it is considered to be sacred. People suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders get valuable benefits if they spend some time nearby this tree. Because of all these utilities it was remarked as 'Brahmadev' and it started getting worshiped. Peepal due to its kind effect and sacred nature is been worshiped. Keeping in mind of all these utilities of Peepal, Lord Krishna told Arjuna, "amongst all the trees, I am Peepal." Such is the importance of this tree.


In Indian culture, plant of basil has secured a peculiar place. It is considered to be Goddess Laxmi and remarked as 'Vishnupriya'. That means loved one of Lord Vishnu. That is why it is seen in each and every house and also been worshiped throughout the country. It is beneficial in many ways as well as has power to get rid of diseases. The plant and leaves give out a strange wonderful scent. Looking at its effects, saints declared that it has to be compulsorily used in all kinds of rituals. Worshiping of God is never done in absence of basil. The sacred water which we call as 'tirtha' and the food offered to God known as 'prasad' is incomplete without basil in it. It is very much loved by Lord Vishnu because of is nature. It is said to be the incarnation of wife of Lord Vishnu that is Goddess Laxmi and Vrinda in the form of plant. Lord Vishnu's worship is never done in absence of basil leaves.


It is called as 'Devphal'. It means fruit of God. This is because of its importance and nature similar to Gods. It helps to clean environment and is very useful to us. Mango fruit is rewarded as nectar fruit. This is why in Indian culture we always considered it as our duty to plant, maintain, protect these mango trees. It is part of our culture and tradition.


Gooseberry due to its special medicinal properties is been worshiped in India since a long time. It's fruit is considered to be the best medicine as it is full of nutrients. In its contact air gets purified and filled with oxygen and pollution gets checked. Due to its such beneficial properties it is considered as sacred. In our country during the month of Karthik, gooseberry tree is worshiped.

 Environment is polluted totally and it is worsening day by day. Nature has gifted us many valuable entities. Amongst them few entities are such that they not only provide us with valuable fruits, flowers etc..... which are of great medicinal value but also helps to check the environmental pollution and purify the air, there by playing a role of environmental protectors.

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