Oasis is the miracle of the desert. Oasis is the life of desert people. Desert is one of the natural geographical features of earth. Deserts occupied the one fifth on earth.  Very low rain fall creates the deserts. Deserts are filled with sand, rocks and gravel.

Sahara is the largest desert in the world, and Thar is the largest desert in India. Thar desert is also named as the greatest desert of India. It is in the state of Rajasthan. Kutch desert which is located in Gujarat is the second desert of India.

Finding water in the deserts is almost impossible except in oases. Oases are places in desert, which are filled with some water and surrounded by some green trees. The formation of a water full oasis, In the water less desert is always an interesting thing. So many rivers are flowing under the areas of deserts. Underground water between rock layers under the desert reaches the surface and forms oases in some places. Rain water from the mountains forms some oases on the lower areas.

Deserts in the world have many small oases and many big oases, which can provide food and water for many thousands of people. Al-Hasa oasis located in Saudi Arabia is the largest oasis in the world. It has 10,000 hectares of agricultural lands. It produces 21,000 tons of dates annually. Oases are the beautiful and real jewels of the deserts.

Most beautiful oases in the world

1.Huacachina Oasis



Huacachina is the most beautiful oasis in the world. It is in Peruvian Desert. Peru is a country in the continent of South America. Oasis Huacachina is located at a distance of 5 Kms from Ica city, which is the capital of Ica district. This oasis has another name, that is 'oasis of America'.

Huacachina is a small natural lagoon surrounded by big beautiful sand dunes and filled with full of palm trees and looks very great. . Once it is famous for its natural beauty now it is famous for international tourists. A small village is formed around the oasis with more than 200 people who are entirely depended upon the tourists. Tourists can find many guest houses, resorts, cafes and all facilities there. Tourists can boat and swim in the oasis.

Sand boating and dune buggy riding is also famous there for tourists and local people.

2. Ubari Oasis and lakes - Sahara desert, The biggest desert in the world.



Ubari oasis is in Libya. Libya is an African country. This is a country filled entirely with desert except one-tenth of its land. Ubari oasis is in the region of the Wadi Al Hayaa District, of the Fezzan region in southwestern Libya. The oases lie at 30 kilometres north of Germa. These lakes are salt water lakes.

3. Chebika oasis

Chebika oasis is in the Gafsa Governorate, southern part of Tunisia, a north african country. Chebika oasis is famous as castle of sun because of constant exposure from sun. Chebika is a mountain oasis. It lies at the foot of the mountains of the Djebel el Negueb. This is in remote desert location. Tourists from many countries come here to see the most beautiful mountain waterfalls and rock formations.

Beauty is the other name of nature. Nature created most beautiful places. However, people are polluting the most places for their selfish needs. Like many other things in this world, oases are also in danger. Many beautiful oases are already disappeared, some for natural reasons and more for artificial reasons.

image source: wikipedia.org 

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