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One of the most beautiful places on Earth is Himachal Pradesh. It is commonly known as heaven of India. Hence a tourist cannot resist visiting  this place and enjoy its natural beauty. Himachal Pradesh is also known as the Land of Gods and this northern part of India attracts many visitors due to its beauty and many attractive temples. In whole we talk, Himachal Pradesh is full of tourist places like valleys, orchards, lakes, skiing resorts, long meadows etc..

The tourist has never felt bar while visiting this place. If you are fond of skiing, ice skating, rafting etc. This place is perfect and able to fulfill all your wish. In a year millions of tourists come to see its beauty and its charm. In other word you can say that Himachal Pradesh is the perfect place for tourists. In this place you find peace and if you are a newly married couple, this place is perfect for you. The roads and streets of this place are very neat and clean. Its communication facilities are awesome and help you to connect anytime anywhere. Due to these features this place became very popular in all over the world. They are capable of attracting foreigners also. Many tourists visit this place to get rid of their tension and gain some peace and relax.

The government gives many attractive offers to their tourist regarding hotels and tourist spots. These offers provide visitors to see the natural beauty of this place in minimal cost. In Himachal Pradesh you find lots of tourist spots that make your trip a memorable trip. Few of the famous tourist destination of Himachal Pradesh are Kullu, Manali, its state capital Shimla, Chail, Lahaul, Palampur. Chamba and Kangra valley, Dalhousie Spiti valley etc.  These places are the perfect choice for everyone whether he/she want peace, adventure, vacation and even for newly married couples. It is the only place who offers cool weather in summer. So this is also one of the reasons that force visitors to visit this place. But in the Winter season, The beauty of this place is awesome due to snow. 

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1. Manali

Manali is one of the famous hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and it is just 40 Km away from the other beautiful hill station Kulu. This hill Station is located At the end most National Highway that leads to Leh. If you want to enjoy the actual beauty of snowfall, Manli provides you that enjoyment. If you visit once this place, you think to visit this place again and again due to its cool climate and its attractive beauty. This place always became the first choice for newly married couples and you feel really exciting to know that this place is famous for adventure sports also. The Rohtang Pass is one of the most attractive place of Manali, Which will give the clearest view of Himalayan mountain covered with snow. Rohtang pass is one of the favorite place for tourist and it opens in the end of April to end of October. 

2. Shimla

As you are aware of the fact that Shimla is the Capital of beautiful Himachal Pradesh. As well as Shimla is also known as the Queen among all hill stations. And in those days when Britishers are here, this place is commonly called the summer capital of India. The most interesting thing about Shimla is that, it is covered with thick forest of pine , oak and other coniferous trees. Shimla is the best place for those who are a great lover of games like Golf, angling, skiing, trekking etc. The old buildings and mall are the biggest attraction of this place. In addition to this there are lots of tourist spot available in Shimla also. That's why this place is also called Colonial heritage of India. You are glad to know that Shimla is also known as the famous hill railway in India as it passes through 103 tunnels. But you are able to see these things only when you make your travel with a slow tourist train that begins from Kalka. 

3. Chail

The Chail is one of the most beautiful and attractive mountain in all over the world and it is just 43 km away from Shimla. During the time of Maharaja of Patiala means before India's independence, Chail is known as the summer capital of India. This mountain is covered by dense forests and it gives the beautiful view of snow capped Himalayas. This place is very popular in terms of its Hotels and its facility. Chail is surrounded by forests that contain many endangered species of birds and deer. And you got shocked to know that this place is famous for its highest cricket venue in all over the world. 

4. Kufri 

This place is one of the most Attractive place of Himachal Pradesh, And it is situated very close to Shimla i.e. 13 km. If you are fond of Hiking trails and trekking, this is the best available option in front of you. The very special thing about this place is that it organizes an annual winter sports competition in the month of Feburary. And this competition is able to attract the mind of many tourists to Kufri. If you decide to visit this place for a picnic or for enjoying its natural beauty, this is the perfect choice for you. 

5. Kangra 

This is one of the most attractive and beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, if you decide to visit this place during the winter season. Because in this season you are going to see this valley is full of snow that increase its beauty to maximum. Vegetation of this valley consists of two types, one is Sub Himalayan and the other is mixed tropical varieties. Due to its higher altitude, you found oak and cedar tree that increases the beauty of this place. In lower Himalayas this valley is one of the most attractive valley. Many tourists come from all around the world to see the actual beauty of this valley. 

6. Chamba 

Actually this is very small town but its beauty is enough to compete with any other beautiful tourist spot. Once you visit this place, you want to visit this place again and again. In this small town you easily find snow ranges that add extra attraction to this place. This Chamba is full of beautiful spots. 

7. Renuka Ji

Renuka Ji is famous for natural Lake that is the largest lake in all over Himachal. This place is present in the district of the sirmour. This place got his name after the name of Goddess Renuka who was the mother of the Lord Prsashurama.  According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that this lake is in the shape of   a woman that sleep on her back. To see this lake many tourists come from all over the world. In this lake you are going to see many types of fishes and other aquatic animals. Here you found many temples and hills that increases the beauty of this place. This place is bordered by Wild life sanctuary where you found many extinct species of animals. 

8. Dalhousie

Dollhouse got its name in the name of the famous viceroy from British, Lord Dalhousie. Its place is famous because of the presence of stunning Architecture and beautiful churches. This hill station is famous among the tourist because of the presence of beautiful atmosphere, Oak tree, Pine trees, climatic condition is cool and pollution free.  

9. The Khajiiar

If you want to use another word for this place, you can call this place Himachal's Gulmarg. If you visit this place, you are going to see Pine and Cedar Green Forest that surround this place. Not only this, place is full of luxuriant Meadows of Green grass.  In the Hayfield or meadows, you are going to see some of the grazing animals such as Horses, sheep etc. Around the meadows you can find lakes in a small size that make this place a beautiful spot.  You you are travelling to Chamba from Dalhousie, you can prefer this place as a picnic destination. 

10. Dharamshala

In India Dharamashala hold a position of unique and beautiful hill resorts. The location of this Hill resort upon the slopes of the valley known as Kangra valley. The location of this hill resort is really exotic and unique as it is surrounded by various tea gardens, pine trees and lush dense green forests. This place is famous among visitor because of various factors such as peace, calm, unique natural beauty and easy access of  snowline. Since 1959 this place is a home of some of the famous people such as the Dalai Lama and His Holiness. This thing adds a more popularity to this place. 

11. Kinnaur

Kinnaur is a place which is famous for many things such as Cool Mountain's Desert, mountain peak is covered with snow, Vineyards, presence of green valley and Ripe orchards. If you want to show some sort of dare and bravery activities, this place is suitable for you. This place is also famous for some of the daring activities like Mountain Climbing and trekking and many other too. 

12.The  Kasuli

Even in a small area, you can see beauty and calmness. This is a hill station in small size.   If you want a long walk on the road surrounded by the flowers hedged, come to this hill station. Apart from this it is famous for evergreen pine forests, presence of high hills and orchards and much more.  It is place from where you can see see the stunning view of some of the places covered by snowfall such as Shimla, the great Himalayas and Chandigarh. This place is not polluted. It is a clean town and you can easily reach to this place in an easy way. 

12. The Naldehra

In year 1905 this place is designed by famous Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon as a right platform for golf lovers with 9 holes. Now this nine hole is converted into 18 holes. The location of this place is only 22 kilometers away from the capital city, Shimla. You can find one of the oldest golf course at this place which is surrounded by Deodar woods and a beautiful and stunning view of mountains. Apart from Golf, some of the other things that can enjoy by tourist such as Long and peaceful walking across the woods, organize picnics and prefer horse ride. You can also prefer some adventurous activities like Trekking and hiking by at famous peak, Shailey peak. This is one of the well known peaks that you can find in Naldehra.  

13. The Tattapani

This place is famous for its believe. A believe that the hot water, famous at this place, has some kinds of Medical significance. This place is situated at a distance of 49 Kilometers away from the capital city, Shimla.  

14. Lahaul and Spiti

The Lahaul is famous for its ancient culture and monasteries related to Buddhist. This all can be practiced a long year back. Not only this, place is also famous for its Rivers that shining its beauty throughout the valley, High mountains, Shining lakes and presence of high passes. This place has some of the important Temple and monasteries. That must add some beauty and charm to this place. At this place you can find valley, Lahaul valley, that is a place where tourist can enjoy the activity like trekking. 

15. Palampur

If you visit this place you can find this place is covered with Beautiful pine trees. Not only this, tea gardens add popularity to this place.  At this place the climatic condition is charming and pleasant throughout the year. During the Colonial period many temples and attractive built are constructed. This an  add-on feature of this place.  

16. Mandi

When you visit this place, you went too amazed to see the temple made from stone before 81 years ago with a fine carving. This Temple is an attraction of this place not the beauty of this Place. Apart from this attraction to the other sacred Hindus lake is found at this place such as Rewalsar lake and Prashar Lake.

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