India is a land where you can find temple in every corner of our country. This Temple reflects our culture and tradition. Our country is known because of the presence of a large number of Temple. A large number of devotees from India as well as from various countries visited this temple in order to get Peace and Moksha from all Sins they have done.  For this Reason I am going To discuss about some of The famous Temple located in different part of our Country.

800px-Malayappa in Vasanthotsavam

1. Tirupati Balaji

The value of this temple in India is very good. This Temple is Famous among people. Not only this it is one of the richest temples in the World. The location of this temple is 2800 feet away from the sea level on the Tirumula Hill. The location where this hill is located is Tirupati one of the famous state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Lord Venkateshwara is worshiped in this Temple. This Temple has a Beautiful architecture work that makes it popular among Visitor. Every year thousand of a Devotee visited this temple. This is one of the crowed temples in the world. It is my experience that you might have to wait for another day in a Queue. Thousand of Devotees from various part of country Offer large amount of cash, Silver, Diamonds and Gold to the god of this temple. If you want to attain the Suprabhatam Prayer, you have to visit this temple at 3 AM in Morning whereas At 1:00 AM better put into sleep with Akanth Seva.  Best time to visit this Temple is during September. At this time Temple is organizing a Brahmotsavam festival which is also an annual function related to this temple. For reaching Tirupati Temple you have to visit Renigunta Airport that is merely 18 kilometers away from this Temple. You also get buses and trains that are well connected to this Temple.

2. Ajanta Ellora Caves 

In the state of Maharashtra you can find the cave related to Ajanta and Ellora. This is considered as one of the World heritage sites and is constructed with the help of Solid rock. This temple is important in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism as this temple reflect their faith. This Temple is constructed in a shape similar to horseshoes. There are a certain number of caves that is dedicated among Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The number of caves dedicated to Hinduism is around 17, the number of caves dedicated to Jainism is around 5 in the northern side where as from the southern side caves is dedicated to Buddhist which is around 12.  We can categorize these cave into two Stupa halls also known as " The Chaitya Grihas" and Dwelling halls which are known as " The Viharas". Lord Buddha life is well described with the help of these stunning Carvings and  Beautiful painting at this place. Not only this on the rock of this cave contains the Carved figures of Human as well as various animals. If you like to visit this place, you need to visit Aurangabad.  In terms of Heritage this place kept importance. Many visitors from various part of country visited this place. 

3. Dwarkadhish Temple 

When we talk about the ancient temple, Dwarkadhish Temple is one of Such type. This temple is rich with ancient Architecture. The Dwarka one of the towns located in Jamnagar, district of Gujarat toward the western coastal region. This is one of the temple among Char Dham. This temple keeps importance in Hindus Mythology. The Lord Krishna is worshipped in this temple. Lord Krishna is also known as " The Lord Of Dwarka ". According to the ancient epic like Mahabharat the foundation of this temple was 1000 years ago as " a capital of Lord Krishna " During 1600 BC this temple is constructed. According to the Hindu Mythology it is believed that the Dwarka created by the Lord is six times submerged in sea resulted into a modern Dwarka. It is believed that " The god of architecture " Lord Vishwakarma created this Holy city Dwarka. Stone is used as a prime constituent to create this Temple. This beautiful temple stands with the help of 60 well architect Pillars. Apart from Dwarkadhesh Temple it is also known as " The Jagad Mandir ". The Temple has Two gates Known as " Swarga Dwar" and " Moksha Dwar". Swarg Dwar is used as an entrance gate whereas "Moksha Dwar" is used as Exit gate. You can easily reach this city with the help of various Mode Such as Railway, Airways and by Roadways. You have to reach Jamnagar airport which is nearest to Temple. If you prefer rail you have to visit the Dwarka railway station. You can also select private taxis and bus facilities to reach this place.

4. Golden temple 

Golden temple is a Gurudwara. It is one among the oldest Gurudwaras in India. This temple is constructed as a worship place for a Sikh. This famous temple is situated in Amritsar, a city in Punjab (India). The Golden Temple is also called as " The Harmandir Sahib ". During your visit to this temple you know that Amrutsar Lake is surrounded this Gurudwara. Carved Marble and Stones are used as a prime constituent during construction of this Gurudwara.  The Gurudwara got its name as Golden because the temple outer structure is coated with a Gold. You can find a bridge of marble that is constructed in order to connect this temple with land. This temple is very important place for Sikhs as they worship here. Large number of visitors both Indian and Tourists visited this temple. You can easily reach this place from Delhi and Srinagar by airways. If you prefer roadway, you can select any from buses and Trains. This place is well connected to all major cities of India. 

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5. Meenakshi Temple 

The construction of this ancient temple as a popular Hindu temple. This famous Temple is situated in the Madurai, a City located in Tamil Nadu (India). The construction of this temple is due to the worship of Lord Shiva along Devi Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Apart from Meeenakshi Temple it is called as " The Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple " as well as " The Meenakshi Amman Temple ".  During the 17th century the Kings of Nayak constructed this Temple.  You can find all most 14 important towers that are constructed with this temple. These towers are also known as Gopurams. According to Hindu Mythology it is believed that Lord Shiva Converted in form of Sunderashwar in order to marry Meenakshi (A form of Goddess Parvati) on earth.  In every year during April a famous festival which is known as " The Meenakshi Thirukalyanam " is celebrated in Madurai.  Apart from this festival other event is also organized such as the Famous Float Festival, Popular Chariot festival in Madurai. Not only this all festival related to the Hindu is celebrated in Madurai with pleasure. During your visit to this famous temple you are going to see some beautiful attraction such as Meenakshi Mandapam, Mandapam (Vasantha), Mandapam with thousand pillars, Famous Golden Lotus Tank, Mandapam (Oonjal) etc. The temple structure is supported with the help of at least 1000 pillars. This is really a place with prime attraction. In order to visit this Temple, you must reach to Madurai Airport as this is merely 10 kilometers away from this temple. During your selection of buses and train, you need to travel nearest cities in order to select a road route.

6. Vaishno Devi

 In India the importance of this temple is on a high peak. This temple is one of the holy place according to Hindu Mythology. In the Trikuta hills of famous Range like Shivalik Mountain is a place where this famous temple is located. This temple is located Katra (Jammu and Kashmir) at a distance of 12 kilometers away from this Temple. This temple is constructed to dedicate the Vaishno Devi which is also known as " Shakti Devi". This is a holy place for Hindu. This is most Visited temples in India. Tourists also show interest toward this temple. It is estimated that every year at least 8 million visitors from different part of the country visited this famous temple. You are amazed to know that After the famous Tripati Balaji temple this Vaishno devi temple is most visited temple in the southern part of India. At this place you are going to see Pinds which is a combination of Goddess Statues. The Devi Lakshmi, Devi Sarswati and Devi Mahakali make famous " Pinds " at this famous temple. The most amazing fact about the temple is its location inside a cave. During your trip to Vaishno Devi you are going to see another Bhairav temple located very near to Cave.  If you want to make your trip to Vaishno Devi Successful, you need to visit this Bhairav temple during your trip. During Winter season there is plenty of snowfall that force to close the road. Except this time you can visit this temple any month of a year. The Vaishno Devi is well connected to all important cities of India by Road, Air and by Train. Select any mode for your destination. 

7. Kedarnath Temple 

This is one of the important temples for offering worship to God by Hindus. Apart from this Kedarnath temple is kept in the list of 4 pilgrim temples for Hindus. When you visit the banks of River Mandakini around Great Himalayas, you find this Temple. The temple is constructed in order to devote to Lord Shiva. This temple is also placed in the list of twelve Jyotirlingas. It is believed that this famous temple is constructed by the Pandavas of Mahabharat period. From this believe it gives a conclusion that the age of the temple is around thousands of years. Many visitors from all around the world visited this famous Hindu pilgrim's destination every year. From November to April this place receives heavy rainfall due to this reason it remains close for six months whereas from May to October is remaining open for visitor.  Some of the surrounding attractions such as Devaria and Vasuki Tal and famous Ukhimath and many more.

8. Khajuraho Temples 

These groups of temple are located in the Madhya Pradesh (India).  This temple spread its popularity to international platform due to the walls of the temple that is rich with various artistic Sculptures. This is one of the Unique temple as compare to others in term of Architecture. This temple is constructed with help of sandstone and Granite. High platform is selected in order to construct this temple. Every temple in this group has a Mandapa also known as " The Entrance hall" and the garbha Griha is also known as "The Sanctum Sanctorum". The Roofs of the different part of the temple are in Discreate Form. When you enter into the Hall and Porch of the temple, you notice a roof in the form of Pyramid structure. The inner part of the temple's roof  has a Conical structure type tower. 

Konark templ in orissa

9. The Sun Temple.

This is one of the monuments with beautiful structure and valuable past is located in Orissa, India.  This temple is also known as Konark Sun Temple. It holds an ancient art and architecture related to the the period from Kalinga. The structure of this temple is very unique. A Giant Chariot is pulled by Seven Horses with the help of 12 pairs of nicely carved Wheels.  The wheels of Chariot are too large as it holds a diameter of around 10 Feet. According to Hindu mythology this is a vehicle of Surya Devta. Apart from this Temple is considered as one of the World heritage Site declared by UNESCO. 

10. Mahabodhi Temple 

This is one of the famous temple located in Gaya, a city in Bihar. The height of this temple is around 50 Meters.  This temple reflected the history related to the Buddhism. Not only this the temple comes in the list of 4 holy places that is visited by Lord Buddha during his lifetime. The location of this holy temple is very near to a destiny where Gautama Siddhartha takes salvation. Not only this temple is considered as one of the ancient temples related to Buddhist. The artistic stone is used as a railing. This is one of the attractive points of the temple. To view these four towers is really an enjoyable. You can find two types of railings at this temple. The old and the new. The Newer railing is constructed with the help of granite while the old railing is constructed with sandstone.  

11. Dilwara Jain Temple 

This is one of the holy place for Jain. This Temple is located in Mount Abu. Simplicity and Fineness are reflected by this Jain Temple. The total number of temples is around 5. All Temple is constructed with the help of White marble. Vimala and Luna Vasahi is prime among five temples. The first saint (it is also known as Tirthankara) of Jain, is dedicated by this the Vimala Vasahi.  From the Arched Porch located in the eastern part of this temple. This is a place from where you can get entrance into the temple. The twenty second saint (it is also known as Tirthankara) of Jain, is dedicated by this the Luna Vasahi. The size of the temple is quite smaller as compared to Vimala Vasahi. It has a Hall that has an Eight Pillars and all of them are of various styles. The most attractive part of this place is its roof which holds the beautiful images of the various animals, Horseman and dancers.

12. Virupaksha Temple

 This temple is located on the bank of Tungabadra River, Hampi. The beauty of this temple in term of architecture is unique. The construction of this temple is to dedicate the Lord Shiva which is also known as " The Pampapati" as well as " Virupaksha". Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva is indicated by using a word Pampa. The three towers of this temple give a Fame to this Famous temple in Hampi. Highest Tower toward the eastern side is around 162 feet high.  Many tourists from different part of the world visited this temple along with an Indian visitor toward this temple due to its Elegant Design.   

13. Hoysaleswara Temple 

This Temple is constructed in order to dedicate the Lord Shiva. Around 1200 BC the Vishnuvardhana the king of Hoysala Empire constructed this temple. In the modern era this temple is located in Karnataka, India. During your visit to this temple you come to see the finely Carved Sculptures on the walls of this temple. This all makes this temple a beautiful destination. During your visit to this temple you see shrines in two numbers. The Hoysaleswara is dedicated inside the first shrine whereas The Shantala Devi (which is also known as wife of Vishnuvardhanan) is dedicated inside other Shrine. 

14. Lotus Temple 

This is one of the examples of beautiful temple in India. This temple is located in the New Delhi, India.  This temple is constructed in the shape that match with Lotus. Hence called as the Lotus Temple. Not only this the size of this temple make it the seventh largest temple for dedication to Baha'i in the world. The structure of this temple is unique as it has Nine Petals in three layers. The outermost petals among nine petals is made indicating outside and give a platform of the nine entrances into the Circular hall, outer part of the Temple. The next petal layer has remained Closed as it rises upward. These petals help in developing a Central hall of the temple. The central portion or roofs of this big Lotus which is from by the Glass and steel is open to the sky. As it allows the sunlight to fall into the hall which is centrally located. It also protects it from the rain due to the presence of Glass.

Akshardham Lotus

15.  Akshardham Temple 

This is another important temple in the New Delhi, India. This Temple does not have much past history as it is recently constructed. The BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha) constructed this giant temple in memory of their Spiritual Leaders Shree Pramukh Swami Maharaj. The Temple is constructed in Order to dedicate the Lord Krishna which is also known as Swaminarayana. On the bank of famous River Yamuna Near Anand Vihar this temple is located. The temple is very big as its cover an area of around 100 acres of land. The temple stands with the help of beautiful carved Pillars of around 234. Apart from this it has 9 Domes, around 20 Shikhers. At this place you are amazed to see 20k Statues of Devotees of god, Sadhus and Various Acharyas all belong to India.  Gajendra Pith ( A kind of Stone) is used in order to construct The temple base. The temple is constructed with the help of white Marbles and beautiful Stones of Pink color. This pin and white color are selected because white is a Symbol of peace whereas Pink is a symbol of Devotion. The five metals or Panch Dhatu is used in order to make the Giant Statue of Lord Swaminarayana in this temple. The statute attains a Height of around 11.4 Feet. Apart from this you can easily see a large number of statutes related to various God, Goddess and saint.

16. Jagannath Temple 

This temple is one of the largest temples of India and in Orissa it holds the first position. This temple is located on the east coast of Puri. This Temple belongs to Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra and Goddess Subhadra and it is also known as one of the famous Temples of Hindu religion. Lord Jagannath is the avatar of Krishna. This temple is very beautiful and attractive and this temple is one of the major pilgrimage place of India. As you all know that this temple is one of the part of the famous Char Dham pilgrimage. This temple was built by Raja Ananta varman Chodaganga dev in the 12th century. The main attraction of this place is Rath Yatra or commonly called "chariot festival" and this festival is celebrated every year with very gusto. In this Yatra peoples generally takes the statue of three Gods namely Lord Jagannath, Godess Shubhdra and Lord Balbhadra in the market of Puri in large Chariots. That's why this Yatra is also known as "Chariots festival". This Yatra becomes the major attraction for tourist and they come from different part of the world to see this festival. 

17. Badrinath Temple 

This temple is one of the most sacred temples of Hindus. This temple is one of the famous temples of Char Dham. This Badrinath Temple is situated on the coast of river Alaknanda that is situated in "Garhwal hills". This famous temple consists between the Nar and Narayan mountain that lies in the Himalayas. This temple was built by Adi Shankara in the ninth century and you have to know that this temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. And you are amazed to know the fact that this temple consists of 15 Idols and each Idols is graven with black stone. This place is full of beautiful things that attracts thousands of devotees from different part of the world every year.

18.  Rameshwaram Temple 

This temple is one of the most famous temples of South India. In addition to that this temple is very important for Hindus. This temple is located on the Island of "RAmeshwaram" that is situated very near the Sethu coast of Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram temple is one of the parts of the 12 jyotirlingams. According to Hindu Mythology, It is said that in this temple Lord Rama is worship of Lord Shiva in Linga form. This temple is very big as it occupies an area of 14 acres. The main attraction of this Rameshwaram temple is its "Bhrammotsavam" festival and it is celebrated in Aadi and Maasi month according to Tamils. You can easily reach this temple either by train , car or airplane. Because this place is connected with all places.

All Images taken from Wikipedia. 

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