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Posted by Maverick in Celebrities. Created on 11 years ago.
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1 Real surname of Amitabh Bachan
2 Youngest Indian woman who conquered Everest recently
3 37th President of USA
4 Fascicist Dictator of Italy
1 Title of the person who recieved Noble Peace Pize for the year 2008
2 writer of 'Dialgue of Socrates'
3 original country of Adolf Hitler
4 Hindi actor who has 11 fingers
5 Poet of 'Devine Comedia'
6 nightingale of india
7 Booker winner involved in the Kashmir controversy
8 Canadian Rock Star and Singer who is slated to visit India soon, famous for "18 till I Die"
9 Hindi actor who has pin name as DUGGU
10 whom did Cleopatra marry after Julius Caesar's death?
11 Birth Place of APJ Abdul Kalam

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