Now you can earn more money by referring your friends on You can earn a up to Rs. 250 for each referral. Please read the below guidelines to know more.

When the referee activated his account and posts his first article, you will earn Rs. 10

When the referee posts his first Five(5) articles which earns cash reward, you will get paid Rs. 40

When the referee posts his first Ten(10) articles which earns cash reward, you will get paid Rs. 75

When the referee gets his first check, you will earn Rs. 125

Invite Your Friends Now

Terms & Conditions:

  • reserves the right to modify/remove the offer without any notice.
  • The terms & conditions applicable for cash rewards earned through posting articles also applicable for this.
  • The cash rewards will be credited and can be seen in your earnings page once they got approved by the editors.
  • In case, the articles submitted by yout referrees found to be voilating copyright laws or deleted/modified by them, your cash rewards may also affected.
  • Cash rewards can be redeamed and paid once they reach the minimum payment threshold and cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  • Awarding and revoking the cash rewards is purely based on the editiors decision and is final.

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