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I find there is enormous delay in awarding cash credits to articles accepted in boddunan. To cite an example, my article which was approved on 8.6.2012 has still not been given any cash compensation even though today it is 22.6.2012(15 days over!). As I said in the Q&A column, the situation in 'my profile' page itself is confusing. While the 'remarks' column at the right indicates 'approved', the 'status' column at the left indicates 'pending approval' through an icon! I presume that the remarks column shows that an article has been prima facie accepted for publication and the 'status' column for deciding on cash credits to be given to each accepted articles. Even then a delay of 15 days is not at all appreciated. As every one knows waiting without reason for anything is very very agonising. And I think, in this way, I can not recommend this site to any of my friends and am afraid that slowly all the present members may also drift away to greener pastures. So before that happens, the site's owners should wake up and do something fast and appreciable.Otherwise, the site may lose its credibility.
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