How much you know about your Personal Computer?

Nowadays we all are familiar with PC (personal computer) -- a nice, glossy monitor displaying a picture that changes according to the user's actions like typing away on a keyboard, clicking a mouse, or twisting a joystick. You can hear sound through tiny speakers and a box. Thus pc or personal computer is a machine that enables you to do work, produce documents, play games balance your checkbook and check up the latest sports scores on the Internet. Yes, we do this activities daily on our system and we know that many parts are required to make up the pc or personal computer and the most important part is the box that usually placed under the desk and it contains may parts connected with it. So the quiz is basically related with that and it will test you how much you know about the box and its parts and what precautions you take or a hardware technicians take when they repair those parts inside the box. The questions are multiple choice type and all you have to do is to choose the right option. So go ahead and find out how much you know about your system. Wish you all the best.
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