Kinds of Testing

We all know that the software industries are broadly classified in to project based,product based and service based companies.Whatever may be the type of the company every customer is in need of a quality product.The phases of the software development life cycle are the initial phase,the analysis phase,the design phase,the coding phase,the testing phase and the delivery and maintenance phase.Testing is defined as the process of verification and validation.Testing is an important phase of the software development life cycle.The engineers who are involved in this phase are called as "Test engineers".Though the designation varies from company to company it is my quoted from my personal experience.The test engineer should be very clear with the requirements before writing the test cases to validate the application.He should be able to convince the developers with the bugs he had reported regarding the application.He should be able to communicate with the non-technical people who are in support team.Test cases,test plan,bug tracker,defect profile document,review report are some of the terms used in the filed of testing.There are many kinds of testing the test engineer should be aware of.Sanity testing,Smoke testing,Monkey testing,White box testing,Gray box testing,Compatibility testing are some of the examples for testing.Here is a quiz to refresh your brain on the kinds of testing available in the software field.
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