Success is a positive outcome of an action whether it is with the work you do, goal you want to achieve etc.
  • Old warhorses are rising in Ipl

    Harbhajan Singh, Ashish Nehra, Zaheer Khan who seem to have completely lost their place in the playing eleven are hitting their old form and making their ominous form felt in the Ipl for a comeback in the side. Such a surprise and great feeling that even at this age they are competing to come

  • Online Education is an internet-based learning without limitations

    No matter what course you intend to enroll in, online education has made a lot of conveniences for you. Whether it is associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or an online life experience degree, e-learning providers are always leading in the industry. It is

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  • Panipat is a Hallowed Battleground

    Panipat is a small sleepy town about a 120 km from Delhi, the capital of India. Its historical importance is however very great, as it was the scene of 3 great battles that decided the crown of Hindustan.  A visit to the place shows no remnants of those battles, but one can close ones eyes

  • Quality time in Boddunan

    How to spend quality time in Boddunan, while earning points on end and gaining good knowledge and action plan for domestic success in their respective homes?

  • Raising the Bar

    Law - people say its all about "society".

    But how it works? what its rules are? how each and everyone is involved?

    Who knows all that stuff and the point is who cares enough to know?

    But who made the laws about failures? As for me failure is a stepping

  • Self-motivation is the Key to Success

    'Self-motivation is the key to success', I would like everyone to share their views regarding this.

  • Seven Life Hacks that You Should Adapt Immediately

    Hacks are not shortcuts. They can be called as a better way of doing a  regular task. 

    Below are a few hacks that can save you time and money. This will also improve your social skills.

    1.Never buy the latest gadget, bike or car as soon as it enters the market. There

  • Share Market - A trade done on Financial Statements or BOD meetings or both...

    If we have to learn how to trade in Share Market what are the indicators one should look into, is it the Financial Statements of quarter end or is it the meetings results or what else are the considerations for deciding investment and switching...?

  • Significance of Sanskrit Language



    For girls its that they cannot make golrotis...that is circle shaped chapatis.

    In India, most of the girls stay away from kitchen in the morning hours so that they are not sent to make breakfast
  • Sona Ameta

  • Stock Market

    What do you think are necessary to successfully invest in Stock Markets? Is it the analysis through different ratios along with a look on the quarterly reports & disclosures & profitability. Knowing companies act provisions, constant update with MCA amendments regarding all laws are


    Does Success ride on the back of Uncertainty ? There is no definite answer for this - May be or May not. Then what is Success. It can be answered in many different ways, all answers are co-related to the context. So no point in giving any definition of Success. Just highlight how Success and

  • Tamil girls,Punjabi men: The best thing for India

    As a subaltern, I had the privilege of being posted in the Tamil Nadu state. To be precise, I was posted at the Air Force Station at Tambaram and the unit was Air Force flying Instructors School (AFIS). it was a baptism which I have never forgotten. To start by virtue of being a member of an

  • Tea Burn Reviews

    Tea Burn drink is a 100% natural proprietary formula that when consumed with tea enhances the speed and efficiency of metabolism in the body.

  • The Making of a Stronger You

    It's funny that when a software is improvised the version needs to be changed. For example if it is SW then it become SW 1.2 or SW 2.0 and so on. And as time goes by it needs to be upgraded even though the change is so minor yet improvisation changes the version

  • The constant lack of quality engineers in India in recent times

    About 1.5 million engineers are released every year from various colleges throughout the country, but most of them simply do not have the required skill to be employed.The amount of students opting to become engineers is so much that engineering is easily the mass

  • The crucial question; will Hillary Clinton make a good commander in chief

    The US Presidential election is now heading for the last lap. The conventions of the two main parties the GOP and the Democrats will be held next month and they will in all likelihood put the seal on the election  of the two candidates who will represent the parties. Thus the stage is set

  • The difference between being content and stagnant!

     A topic which I feel people need to know. 

    So the meaning of content, is to be satisfied with who you are, what you do and all what makes you. and stagnant, means to stop, to cease at a state, where there is no growth neither, mental nor physical nor spiritual. you are stuck